Oral & auris for earache, mouth ulcers, toothache. Natural remedy by Amanprana

Oral & Auris ear and mouth hygiene

Supportive for acute tooth and ear pain

Toothache and earache is usually caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses. Oral & Auris consists of 100% natural ingredients formulated to give these culprits no chance and to naturally weaken them b.m.o. organic ingredients.

  • Oral & Auris voor oor- en mondhygiëne van Amanprana
  • Oral & Auris natural mouth and ear hygiene

    • use for earache
    • use for toothache
    • acts in a supportive role
    • has a soothing effect

    100% organic, 100% natural, 100% active, 100% vegan
    0% chemicals, 0% parabens, 0% alcohol, 0% preservatives


    5ml: € 21,95

  • TO ORDER Label

    This product is sold in nature food stores and health food stores
    (where to buy) or via our official Amanvida webshop.

The term “organic” is a protected term. If your company wants to use these concepts, your products must comply and must be checked by a recognized inspection body. Amanprana has various organic certificates and labels.

Oral & Auris achieved a Natrue label with its BIO composition of coconut oil and essential oil.
To obtain the highest level 3 certification from Natrue, 95% of the natural ingredients must originate from organic cultivation and/or controlled wild cultivation in accordance with the EC ECO Regulation. Oral & Auris even contains 100% natural and organic ingredients. Without any addition of chemicals or unnatural preservatives!

More information about our labels and our bio certificates.

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Amanprana Oral and Auris, tooth and ear oil
5ml: € 21,95


This product is sold in nature food stores
and health food stores (where to buy)
or via our official amanvida webshop.

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