Amanprana Razoli shaving oil for men

Shave without irritation With Amanprana’s shaving oil, red bumps are a thing of the past.

Shaving with shaving foam, waxing and epoxying often has an irritating effect and not every skin can handle this. The result is red bumps, sore spots and ingrown hairs. Shaving with Amazprana’s Razoli oil prevents these possible skin problems. The shaving oil contains the perfect formula for shaving your pubic area, legs and armpits. Soft and completely natural, neutral for the acidity of your skin and intimate parts.

Use Amanprana’s Razoli during shaving and your skin will get extra support, a nice and smooth appearance. Afterwards the oil has a nourishing and caring effect, leaving your skin feeling silky soft.

Wet shave:

Wet the shaving surface with lukewarm water. Pour some Razoli in your palm. Massage the shaving oil onto the surface to be shaved. Then shave the legs, bikini line or armpits. First with the hair direction and then against the hair direction. Rinse the skin and then use a towel to pat it dryl.

Dry shaving/electric shaving:

With electric or dry shaving you use a maximum of one drop of Razoli shaving oil per body part. Spread the oil in your hands before you massage it into the skin. After having shaved electrically or dry, apply another drop of shaving oil to care for the skin. During electric or dry shaving, the shaving oil mainly acts as a buffer, so that the razor/shaver glides over your skin better and protects your skin.

  • Razoli scheerolie voor vrouwen
    • Razoli for women

      • Suitable for sensitive skin
      • treats, nourishes, protects and softens the skin
      • shave without irritation, redness and red bumps


      100% organic, 100% natural, 100% active, 100% vegan
      0% chemicals, 0% parabens, 0% alcohol, 0% preservatives


      100ml: € 36,95


    This product is sold in nature food stores
    and health food stores (where to buy)
    or via our official amanvida webshop.

Glass rather than plastic packaging, ecological paper and no test samples.

At Amanprana we prefer glass to plastic. If possible, we print with vegetable ink on ecological paper. We prefer to use ecological and healthy packaging. You have already read this:we believe in the whole and not in the separate parts, therefore our products have been processed as little as possible. We also take the enviroment into account as much as possible during the production process
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100ml: € 36,95


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of via onze officiële webshop amanvida.

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Bikini line?
Perfect with razor and Razoli

Trim your bikini line or shave your pubic area with a razor and Razoli shaving oil. No more red rashes or red bumps. Face summer with full confidence. Tip: first cut pubic hair to 1 cm length and then shave using shaving oil. Hygienic and neat. Your bikini line will always look great from now on. Long live Razoli and Brazilian wax.

No more ingrown hairs and red bumps

Hair removal by waxing or waxing clogs the pores deep inside, clogs the skin of the pubic area. This causes red bumps and ingrown hairs. These are ugly and annoying. Razoli shaving oil contains no clogging ingredients. The Razoli plant extracts open the skin and prevent inflammation. Result no more ingrown hairs, red bumps or red skin. Happy bikini line and Brazilian wax.

Wet shave with Razoli without irritations or itching

Wet shaving in the shower is the easiest way to use Razoli shaving oil. The hairs become weaker and therefore easier to shave. The pores open due to the heat and Razoli can be absorbed maximally. This keeps the skin of the pubic area feeling silky soft for days. Without irritations or itching. No aftercare or after-shave is required!

Visibly trimming without cutting yourself

You see where you trim and shave. The oil is transparent so that you can trim with perfectly defined shapes. Due to the oil layer, trimming and shaving becomes a soft glide over the vulnerable pubic area and private parts without leaving cuts.

Razoli for women: because women are not men

Frequent shaving with shaving oil feels better, goes faster, gives smoother results, does not cause red bumps or irritations, prevents ingrowing hair and prevents cuts. And for the staphylococcus aureus skin bacterium, it is "game over" with Razoli. Result With Razoli you can therefore use the same razor for armpits, legs or pubic hair. Because women are not men, there is Razoli for women (pubic hair, armpits and legs) and Razoli for men (pubic hair, chest, back and beard).

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