Every time you remove your make up and cleanse your eye contours with Alana, you improve the condition of your skin and you promote a radiant appearance. Pure luxury.

Skin is able to do much, but it cannot cleanse itself. And it desperately needs a regular cleansing because unfortunately skin impurities build up in no time at all. Daily cleansing with Alana is allocating luxury time to your skin. To know how to cleanse your eye contours and face optimally, you need to know how your skin works.

Stay away from aggressive skin care

If you know how your skin works, you also know how you can cleanse it properly. The skin has a number of important functions: It protects the body from germs, secretes excess moisture, it regulates body temperature and makes vitamin D under the influence of the sun.

To keep these functions intact, it creates a protective layer: It produces a water/oil layer (water from the sweat glands and oil from the sebaceous glands). If that natural layer is removed while cleaning or removing makeup, the skin will simply react with the production of a new layer.

Is that layer is removed very often and if it is also done with fairly aggressive skincare products, the skin also reacts by producing an ever larger amount of especially oil. Too much oil hardens and clogs the pores. By now you will know where and how skin problems arise.

Alana removes makeup and helps to feed the epidermis sufficiently

As the largest organ of the body, your skin has some important functions. For example, the top layer, the epidermis, is a buffer against outside influences and bacteria. It is against these environmental influences that your skin produces that thin layer of oil. If you cleanse with Alana, you help to keep that protective layer intact. After all, by cleansing with Alana mild makeup remover you leave a thin film of oil, which penetrates deep into the different layers of the skin. Without feeling greasy.

This way you keep your skin supple, nourishes your skin, you help initiate the recovery process, protect your skin and also keep your skin sufficiently hydrated. In other words: you support the buffering function. Skin that functions well radiates! Work with your skin, pamper it every day with the luxury of Alana and keep up its strength.

This is how you give yourself a pure, strong, beautiful and healthy appearance.

0% chemical substances, 0% alcohol, 0% Parabens, 0% water 100% bio, 100% natural, 100% effective, and 100% edible.