Shangri-la Orac anti-ageing serum prevents ageing of the eye contours, face, neck and neckline. Through antioxidants in facial care.

What causes age spots, wrinkles and dry scalp?

What is skin degeneration?

Skin degeneration is the deterioration of healthy skin condition and tissue, as a result of a variety of factors. Once we turn 30, the cycle of cell renewal in the various layers of skin slows down. Poorer circulation degrades the ability of skin cells to exchange oxygen and remove waste. This leads to a shortage of essential vitamins, antioxidants and proteins, and affects our skin’s resistance to daily attacks from external pollution, sunlight, UV rays, etc. All these factors place our facial skin under heavy strain and contribute to the formation of free radicals. These can damage facial skin, leading to oxidation, wrinkles, premature ageing of skin, age spots or even cancer. It goes without saying that we need to protect ourselves from such damage.

What can Shangri-la do about it?

Because antioxidants are the best defence against these culprits, Shangri-la has the perfect tools for the job. Shangri-la contains a very high dose of antioxidants which can restore health to our facial skin and eye contours, neck and neckline, and protect and nourish them in a safe and natural way.

Age spots, bags under the eyes, wrinkles, dry scalp. What is ageing? What can face care products do about it?

Ageing is oxidation. Oxidation occurs when skin is not adequately nourished, due to oxidants and external attacks, such as from the sun’s rays, smoke and chemical substances. But constant stress and drying out can also make us age. Of course, we were all born with a certain constitution, which we have to take into account. But if we want to take action to fight age spots, bags under the eyes, wrinkles and dry scalp, Shangri-la Orac anti-ageing serum is the solution. Face care brimming with antioxidants for a radiant appearance.

Is it possible to be 100 years old and have eternally youthful skin?

Can antioxidant face care products help?
Is it possible to rejuvenate facial skin? Shangri-la eye contour and face serum for eternal youth can help. For a visibly younger face. Wrinkles, dull skin and age spots are caused by ageing, as is sagging skin around the eyes and jawline. Modern humans can live to the age of 100 to 120. The way in which skin ages is largely determined by your lifestyle and how you care for your body and skin.

Shangri-la Orac anti-ageing serum fights free radicals. What are free radicals? And what are antioxidants?

A free radical is a highly sensitive substance which can, in a short time, cause a great deal of harm to the body, such as degeneration of the cells in our skin. Free radicals are responsible for premature ageing. Free radicals are small, highly active, aggressive particles which can also arise from undesirable oxidation processes in our bodies. Cells in blood vessels and organs can be heavily affected by free radicals. The connective tissue in our skin is also affected, and among other things it loses its elasticity, and wrinkles and age spots appear. We must protect our bodies and our skin as best we can from these undesirable oxidation processes and external influences. To do this, we can use antioxidants; they do a great job of making our skin healthy and keeping it adequately protected. That’s why Shangri-la is brimming with antioxidants which help to repair visible damage and provide great protection from age spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, dry scalp, bags under the eyes, etc. Shangri-la restores the natural youthful appearance of your facial skin and softens the signs of ageing.

Orac anti-ageing for eternal youth protects eye contours, neck and neckline against ageing

Protect yourself from ageing and from outside influences. Shangri-la uses antioxidants to protect facial skin and fight ageing. Orac serum (antioxidant serum) is powerful and 100% natural. Shangri-la’s antioxidant (Orac) formula counteracts the signs of ageing. Eye contours, face, neck and neckline are protected from age spots, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, dry scalp, pigmentation and external signs of ageing.

20 oxidants that are bad for your skin. They cause age spots, dry scalp, wrinkles, bags under the eyes and external signs of ageing

Shangri-la Orac anti-ageing serum works hard to combat each of these 20 oxidants. Shangri-la face serum protects and restores your face, neck and neckline from at least 20 different oxidants. It works hard to combat the external signs of ageing.

  • Air pollution: such as exhaust fumes and fine particles of chemicals
  • Sunlight: Only excessive sun exposure and sunburn
  • Alcohol: only strong spirits, or if you regularly drink to excess
  • Smoking: if you are addicted, or passive smoking from second-hand smoke
  • Stress: only constant stress
  • Medicines: all medicines (few medicines heal)
  • Fatigue: only chronic fatigue
  • X-rays: try to have x-rays taken as seldom as possible!
  • Insecticides: also pesticides; they are designed to kill and oxidate
  • Heavy metals: take special care with fish, fish oils and your environment
  • Electrosmog: transmission towers, but also Wi-Fi and excessive cabling in your house
  • Intensive sport: playing regular sport is great, but competitive sport causes oxidation
  • Radioactivity: nuclear power stations and x-ray security scanners
  • Preservatives: in food and cosmetics, for example sodium nitrite (in meat)
  • Accidents: put unnecessary strain on our bodies
  • Pollution in the home: paint, laundry and dishwashing products, chemical substances from furnishings and wallpaper, etc.
  • Pollution from cosmetics: chemical-based beauty products, shampoos and make-up
  • Junk food: refined foods and almost all food that isn’t organic
  • Dyes: in food and body care products
  • Flavouring: even 95% of all so-called “natural” flavouring