The word Ayurveda is a compound of the word āyus, which means ‘life’ or ‘life principle’, and the word veda, which refers to the knowledge system. ‘Ayurveda’ can therefore be translated as ‘knowledge of life’.

Ayurveda is an age-old philosophy, the origins of which lie in India.

Ayurveda in itself is not a method of healing. It is, on the other hand, a way of life, a way of understanding life, and it is this way of life that heals.

In conclusion, Ayurveda is a way of life with one very simple objective: to be happy. To be happy means to be healthy; to be healthy means to be one and live with inner freedom, whether or not with physical flaws. Ayurveda is not only about physical health, but about general well-being, which comprises a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimension.

Living according to the principles of Ayurveda is a different way of living. You start using your senses more and more, gradually refining them. It is a world in which you learn to know without words and let vibrations and energies speak.

Living in harmony with nature and yourself also often means that you need to purify your physical and energetic body and that you adapt your diet to who you are. A change in lifestyle is also advisable: more rest and order in your daily routine, but also in your feelings and thoughts. This way, space is created for the development of creative processes and for spiritual growth. Learning to live according to who we really are and learning to live according to the original wisdom. That is the underlying task of Ayurveda. In life, you rarely achieve a major goal just like that. The same is true for Ayurveda. You must be prepared to adapt your life and to change, but also to receive.

One of the 13 transformation processes in the body is the digestive process. According to the principles, food is a way to bring body and mind into balance and make sure man lives in harmony with nature.

In Ayurveda good nutrition and digestion are considered among the most important foundations of our health. If our digestive system does not work properly, then our body, cells, tissue and the deeper transformation processes are not nourished. This can give rise to all kinds of diseases. In order to eat according to certain Ayurvedic principles, you also need a little knowledge about the underlying ideas.

Source: The Ayurveda cookbook from Lies Ameeuw