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Amanprana Protekti Oil for Maintaining Wood: Replace Wax, Parquet Oil, Wood Oil with this Natural Oil Based on Coconut Oil

Do you want to enjoy your wooden furniture or parquet for a long time? Wood is a natural product. It is made by mother nature, which has given it all kinds of specific properties. Wood lives. It changes based on humidity and temperature. Under the influence of mother nature, it can shrink or expand. Because the wood ‘lives’ or ‘cracks’, bacteria can settle into these cracks and the quality of the wood can deteriorate over time. This is why it is so important to properly maintain your wooden cutting boards, wooden furniture and wooden floors that can become dirty. This way you can enjoy it longer.

Why Choose Amanprana Protekti for your Wooden Furniture and Floors?

  • Adds a protective layer around the wood
  • 100% natural
  • Hygienic oil: antibacterial
  • Extends the life of the wood
  • Retains the wood’s original beauty

It is important to keep wood clean and to nourish it. Regular maintenance is crucial. It keeps wood in top shape and will allow you to enjoy your wooden items for years.

The Maintenance of a Wooden Floor or Wooden Furniture with Protekti Antiseptic Wood Oil

Treating a wooden surface, such as a wooden floor, wooden cupboard or even wooden cutting boards with Protekti oil ensures that you close the grooves and/or tears in the wood so that bacteria does not have a chance to nestle within. The oil protects the wood against external influences. As a result, the wood remains strong and becomes less sensitive to discoloration or stains. Protekti oil from Amanprana cleans, nourishes and protects.

How to use Protekti Oil for Maintenance of Wood?

Immediately after purchase, coat the wooden surfaces with Protekti oil. This way you start with a clean and protective base. A nice thick layer is best. Let the oil sit for about 8 hours and apply a new coat if necessary. When the wood no longer absorbs the oil, it is sealed: the wood no longer absorbs moisture and odour. Repeat this process about 1 to 4 times a year, depending on how intensively the item is used, for optimum maintenance.

Don’t use aggressive or chemical wax, wood oil or wood cleaner. This will not improve the lifespan of the wooden item. Work with quality, work natural, work with Protekti.

Content Protekti Wood Oil


Ingredients Protekti Wood Oil

Ingredients: 89,5% organic extra virgin coconut, 10,5% antiseptic essential oil mix (4,5% camphor laurel, 3% eucalyptus*, 1,5% cinnamon*, 1,5% clove*)
*Natrue certified

Use Protekti from Amanprana to Maintain and Clean Wood

100ml: € 14,95


This product is for sale in health food stores and local ‘organic stores’ (where to buy) or via our official webshop Amanvida

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Wooden Cutting Boards from Amanprana

Have you already discovered the Amanprana Qi-boards? These are our wooden cutting boards. The Protekti Wood Oil was created specifically for the maintenance of these wooden cutting boards. All our Qi-boards are made out of wood from the camphor laurel and are handmade from one piece of wood.

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Amanprana Coconut Oil in our Protekti oil

Amanprana coconut oil is 100% organic and Fair Trade extra virgin coconut oil. The Amanprana coconut oil was the first extra virgin coconut oil in Europe. Unprocessed and with endless possibilities to use in your daily life. From cooking to body care.

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Amanprana Philosophy

In Sanskrit, the classical Indian written language, ‘Aman’ means peace or serenity. ‘Prana’ refers to life force. We offer a serene life force, with power straight from nature.

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