Chantal Voets of Amanprana wrote the book "Eat well, it's good for you"

Book “Eat well, it’s good for you” by Amanprana’s Chantal Voets: delicious recipes and lifestyle tips.

Amanprana founder Chantal Voets is a real foodie. She has a weakness for tasty and healthy food. She has deepened that interest over the years and in the book“Eat well, it’s good for you” you see it coming back. in the book, you will not only find delicious recipes, they are also well substantiated and provided with instructive interludes and tips. A touch of the many explorations, influence of inspiring people and Chantal’s vision on the health of both body and mind.

The book contains quick recipes for every day. It is a manual to not only enjoying tasty food, but also to have you eat healthy food. It is a world of Amanprana (Serene life force).

  • 130 tasty and healthy recipes for every day
  • An honest and simple world-kitchen I
  • nspiration for a good lifestyle + health
  • Focused on organic products, environment and nature
  • A celebration of natural colors, flavors and scents

“Eat well, it’s good for you” contains a collection of recipes suitable for preparation in a weekday kitchen. You don’t need complicated appliances, special techniques or special kitchen utensils. In the book, Chantal shows that cooking with pure ingredients can be easy. In the recipes we see influences from Ayurvedic cuisine, raw food, Patrick Gerryl’s fruit diet, good food combinations, macrobiotics and various types of Amanprana superfoods. Delicious ethnic, and, above all, heart-warming comfort food.

The main guideline throughout the book is the Amanprana slogan, derived from a statement by Hippocrates;Nutrition as a medicine.

256 pages, 130 recipes, 8 golden tips for changing your diet, Chantal’s healthy food triangle, 10 Amanprana values ​​and much more.

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Discover the book "Eat well, it's good for you" by Amanprana founder Chantal Voets

256 pages: € 39,95


This product is sold in nature food stores
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Material & printing book

Amanprana does not choose just any material for their products. When selecting ingredients, one has to take into account not ony usage, but also the optimum preservation of quality, and the environment has to be considered as well.. Discover which choices were made for the printing of the book "Eat well, it's good for you" by Chantal Voets

About Chantal Voets

Besides being the co-founder of Amanprana, Chantal Voets is a real foodie. The book "Eat Well, it's good for you" was not created without a purpose! The book is a true reflection of Chantal's vision and way of life.

Videos: book presentation

Chantal Voets has made some videos in which she discusses her book 'Eat well, it's good for you" with the viewer. I n the videos she tells why she wrote this book, what you can expect from the book and what the first reactions to the book were.

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