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You choose Fair Trade and Fair World with Amanprana

The concept of FairTrade arose as a response to the conventional way of trading. This primarily involves considering the product, price, location and promotion in a manner where the minimum financial resources could be used to get the maximum profit. But FairTrade combines these aspects with people – giving people at every level of the production process a decent wage and giving those that need it opportunities for further development.

The FairWorld and FairTrade labels overlap each other at Amanprana. While FairTrade primarily focuses on trade and the associated processes, FairWorld concentrates more on the parameters, specifically the position of women (Amanprana charter point 6). This carter consists of the overarching conditions, and our FairTrade and FairWorld labels are based on it. If you have any queries with respect to this charter then please contact us. FairTrade and FairWorld are a part of the sphere of developmental cooperation – fighting against poverty, ensuring economic and social development and the integration of developing nations into the global economy. Another aspect entails improving the economic position of the small-scale producers and land-owners by allowing them to proportionally share in the overall profits. Another means improving the social circumstances by providing social amenities and representation for the employees. All of these issues must be considered in the long term.

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