Almond flour Gold from Amanprana
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Almond flour gold from Amanprana
(temporarily unavailable) - 600 gr.:
€ 10,75

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Almond flour gold from Amanprana is made from 100% organic, unpeeled whole almonds from Spain.

This almond flour contains 5 times less almond fat compared to average almond flour, so it has 5 times less Omega-6. This gives a better baking result.

How can you use Amanprana’s almond flour?

Almond flour has many advantages, because it contains valuable nutrients, healthy fats, few carbohydrates, it is rich in fiber, easily digestible and you can use it in different ways. Below are some examples:

  1. Amanprana almond flour is ideal for baking.
    You can use it to make gluten-free and protein-rich pancakes or to bake bread with less carbohydrates. It is a good alternative to flour. You can also use it to add extra fiber to your diet. Turn it into fiber-rich cakes, paleo cookies, flavorful crumble or homemade burgers.
  2. Need extra natural proteins?
    Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of almond flour to your smoothie, shake or other drinks. 1 tablespoon of Amanprana almond flour contains 6 grams of protein.
  3. Make your own almond milk.
    Make your own lactose-free milk by mixing 150 grams of gold almond flour with 1 liter of filtered water. You can use a blender for this.
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Almond flour gold from Amanprana
(temporarily unavailable)

  • 100% organic
  • 40% less Kcal *
  • high in fibre
  • rich in proteins

* compared to average almond flour

100% defatted almond flour (whole almond (Spain), not peeled) *

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600 gr.:
€ 10,75


This product can be purchased in health food stores (where to buy) or through our official Amanvida webshop.

Amanprana recipes with almond flour gold

Almond bread or hazelnut bread Vegan peppernuts: Dutch gingerbread cookies Forest fruit tart

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Our products are organic, vegetarian, processed as little as possible and where possible fair trade and fair world. Manufactured with respect for people, animals and the earth. At Amanprana, we believe in the whole and not in the individual particles.

Sustainable packaging from Amanprana

At Amanprana we believe in the whole, so with the packaging material we also take the environment into account as much as possible. Compostable, resealable packaging with zip closure. A compostable resealable bag with organic-zip closure protects the almond flour from oxygen and light. The outside is plastic-free, made of alternative paper from leaves and stems. The zip closure and inside of the bag are industrially compostable!

The outside of the coconut flour packaging material is made from FSC kraft paper. The FSC (Forest Steward Council) promotes sustainable forest management: for every tree felled, another tree is planted. The inside is made of cellulose. These are fibers from plants and trees.

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Amanprana sets the bar high when it comes to high quality ingredients.
Amanprana goes for quality! Read more about our organic certificates.

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