Amanprana bodycare products do not contain microbeads. Avoid substances like PMMA and polyethylene

Microbeads are plastic microspheres that are added to many bodycare products. They are used to remove dead skin cells, add texture to a product and give them more body. Every day hundreds of products are marketed that contain these microbeads.

Of course Amanprana bodycare products do not contain microbeads:

  • No plastics
  • No silicones
  • No microspheres (the notorious microbeads)

At Amanprana all products are 100% organic and natural. If you’re not using Amanprana products, then always do the following: read the labels and avoid poisons and hazardous substances such as microbeads. Stop using products that contain:

  1. Polythene/Polyethylene (PE), a polymer and one of the most common types of plastics. It is often used in plastic bottles, plastic bags and packaging.
  2. Polypropene/Polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic polymer that is used in things like jerry cans, plastic ropes, carpets, plastic furniture, boats and in many car parts.
  3. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), a thermoplastic polymer that is used in plastic bottles and other food packaging, as well as for synthetic textiles such as polyester fleece.
  4. Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA), a transparent thermoplastic that is also known as Perspex, Plexiglas, Altuglas and Oroglas or acrylic glass. It is primarily used as a substitute for glass, often in order to cut down on weight.

Plastic in products. Bodycare products are packed with microbeads; natural products are better

The amount of plastic in some products is ridiculously high – up to 10% of the total content! A bodycare container can easily contain up to 350,000 microbeads. You not only have to pay for them, you could also absorb them, rub them into your skin and hair, and then dispose of them in the environment through your wastewater. Microbeads are a cheap filler, but they are unnecessary as there are many alternatives that can have the same effect – plastic-free! There is ground oatmeal, coconut, nut shells and bamboo, just to mention a few. In our Amanprana scrubs we use coconut blossom sugar to remove dead skin cells – totally natural and safe for your skin, your body and the environment. And that is why it is so important to read the labels. This is where you can make a difference.

Look out for microbeads in shampoos, toothpaste, scrubs, face cleaners and make-up removers

Well-known and common brands of bodycare products, beauty products and cosmetics have been contaminating us for years with the microbeads (microplastics) they contain. They’re bad for you and very bad for the environment. They are so small that it is almost impossible for us to filter them, and they end up in the water we drink, in our oceans, in animals and fish, and because they are a part of the food chain, ultimately in our bodies. They cause cancer and disrupt our endocrine systems, while microbeads also absorb over 60,000 different chemicals, such as pesticides. Get rid of microbeads. Read the contents of the container and avoid products that contain polythene, polypropene, polyethylene terephthalate and polymethyl methacrylate. Use Amanprana bodycare:  no microbeads, chemical substances, poisons or endocrine disruptors.