Underground seamounts threatened

Scientists believe that no less than 98% of marine plant and animal life live in or on the ocean floor. Large numbers of them live around underwater mountains, also called seamounts. Many of these life forms are unique for to certain areas and cannot be found for instance around neighbouring seamounts, let alone anywhere else in the oceans. These life forms are often very old. Some species of coral are 8000 years old! Coral is essential for protecting colourful fish against other fish-eating fish.

There is much more to be discovered about these special living communities and this is why it would be better to leave these underground seamounts alone. But it is precisely these seamounts that are a target of the deep sea fishing industry. They are crawling with life. Bottom trawlers drop their nets around them. Coral and unknown sea life are destroyed. Why do we need to fish there? Because the coastal waters are already overfished and as human beings we believe that we can have whatever we want.