Red Palm Oil from Amanprana: Sustainable and Certified Organic

The red palm oil from Amanprana is palm oil from certified organic harvest

Amanprana’s red palm oil is harvest from organically grown palm fruit. Our Red Palm Oil is pure nature and still contains all its valuable natural nutrients en delicious flavour. The oil is not refined, bleached or deodorised and is not hardened. Straight from nature into the glass jars.

Red palm oil is not the same as white palm oil. The latter is primarily a waste product. The white palm oil is refined, stripping it of all its good substances. Think about carotene, the sterols and vitamin E. Opt for sustainable and certified organic Red Palm Oil from Amanprana. It is not only delicious, but increases the nutritional value of your meals. You can also use this oil as body care. It prodcts your skin against, amongst others, the damaging effect of uv-rays (not a substitute for sunscreen).

  • Duurzame rode palmolie van Amanprana in twee maten

  • Red palm oil

    • 100% certified organic
    • 100% natural
    • Rich in 7 kinds of vitamin E (25mg/100gr)
    • Rich in carotenes (provitamin A) (20.100 mcg)
    • Sustainable

    325ml: € 7,25

    1600ml: € 29,95


    This product is fore sale in natural health stores
    and local ‘organic stores’(where to buy)
    or via our offical webshop Amanvida.

Carotene (provitamin A)

Bèta-carotene (provitamin A) is converted into vitamin A in the body. Like vitamin A, it provides good resistance and is very important for vision, but also for healthy bones, teeth, skin and growth.

Vitamine E

Vitamin E (tocoferol)is a fat-soluble vitamin and plays a role in the production of red blood cells as wells maintenance of the muscles and other tissue. It is also important for the resistance. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant, protecting the cells in the body against free radicals.

Recommended Daily Allowance Vitamin E
Kinderen6 tot 12 maanden3 milligram
1 tot 2 jaar4 milligram
2 tot 6 jaar5 milligram
6 tot 9 jaar6 milligram
Mannen9 tot 14 jaar8 milligram
14 tot ...10 milligram
Vrouwen9 tot 14 jaar7 milligram
14 tot ...8 milligram
Zwangere vrouwen10 milligram
Tijdens de bortsvoeding11 milligram

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Amanpranan Coconut Oil is Extra Virgin and Certified Organic Coconut Oil

325ml: € 7,25

1600ml: € 29,95


This product is fore sale in natural health stores
and local ‘organic stores’(where to buy)
or via our offical webshop Amanvida.

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RSPO seal of approval 2016

RSPO seal of approval 2016
RSPO license number: 9-1443-16-100-00

de kokosolie van Amanprana is de enige echte rauwe kokosolie sinds 2005

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Recipes with Red Palm Oil

Curious about the flavour of Amanprana's Red Palm Oil? Red palm oil has a very unqique flavour. It's perfect for in African, Asian and Latin dishes. It also adds a beautiful red golden colour to your dishes. Red palm oil is a welcome change and makes every meal a unique experience.

Recipes with Red Palm Oil

Quality & Origin of Red Palm Oil

Amanprana's Red Palm Oil is different than the white palm oil you can find in many beauty products and foods. The Red Palm Oil from Amanprana is a sustainable palm oil that still contains all of its natural nutrients. We are a member of the RSPO (license number: 9-1443-16-100-00) and want to change the market of palm oil so that sustainable palm oil becomes the norm.

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