Health in a glass bottle. With its multitude of uses and benefits, apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’ is a treat for consumers looking for a healthier lifestyle.

What is the ‘mother’ in premium Amanprana apple cider vinegar?

Amanprana’s organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar is derived from 100% organic apples that were fermented straightaway using traditional methods.

A lot of care is devoted to the selection of the apples and production processes, which eliminates the need for pasteurisation and filtering. This enables us at Amanprana to preserve the ‘mother’ of the vinegar in the bottle.

The ‘mother’ is a sediment rich in apple nutrients. It also creates benign bacteria that are beneficial to our health. The fermentation process, for example, produces vitamin B12.

The ‘mother’ in Amanprana’s apple cider vinegar adds vitality and gives this vinegar an authentic flavour, as it has done for centuries.

Amanprana premium apple vinegar is raw and not heated at all during the process. The ‘mother’ in the vinegar is a complex substance with positive acids and good bacteria. These bacteria are beneficial for our gut flora, immune system and health. Chock-full of probiotics and active enzymes.

The raw nature of this apple cider vinegar with its ‘mother’ is what gives it its strength and distinguishes it from pasteurised or mass-produced budget apple cider vinegar.

What makes Amanprana premium apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’ so special?

Amanprana’s apple cider vinegar has a mild taste. There is no doubt about that when you taste it. What makes it special is that the entire process takes place in-house. A lot of the time, apple juice is turned into apple cider. The fermentation process turns the sugar content of the apple juice into alcohol. This intermediate product, apple cider, is then usually taken to vinegar makers. These vinegar makers turn the cider into vinegar through acetic acid fermentation.

Amanprana performs the entire process in-house and uses an age-old special fermentation method, with the know-how remaining strictly secret. Calling it a secret might be a bit of a stretch as the recipe is quite old.

The result? Amanprana’s premium apple cider vinegar retains its freshness and the flavour of the selected apples.

Strings in the apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’?

The ‘mother’ usually gets a jelly-like look over time, often preceded by strings. That is a good thing. It is perfect, actually. It might look a bit funny at first. Just shake it well before each use. Then drink it, use it in your dishes or for your personal care.