Freshly picked vegetables have a much greater life force than wilted vegetables. This is a generally accepted fact. But how can we demonstrate that life force, how can we measure it?

Bovis indicates the life force, the chi

We use a frequency scale, the Bovis, to measure life force or chi. The Bovis scale was created by French scientist André Bovis and refined by André Simoneton. The Bovis scale was created to measure vitality, with the Bovis value being the vibration frequency.

Measuring the Bovis value

The Bovis value is measured using a pendulum or a Biotensor. The Bovis value itself is expressed in Bovis units, or BU. The lower the value on the Bovis scale, the less vitality a given object has. For example, people with a Bovis value below 6,500 BU are more susceptible to diseases, while their energy levels will also be lower.

A high Bovis value: eat healthy, healthy food

When we make eating a priority, it is also important to consider the Bovis value. That’s because the Bovis value also dictates how good the food that we consume is.

  • The Bovis value of cooked food is significantly lower than the Bovis value of freshly picked or harvested food.
  • Organic foods also contain a higher Bovis value than non-organic vegetables or fruit that has, for example, been chemically treated or genetically modified.
  • The Bovis value of what we eat decreases in proportion to the degree that is has been processed. This is not only time-related, it is also due to preserving, heating or freezing it.

The Bovis scale according to Robert H. Steelooper

The renowned Dutchman Robert H. Steeloper believes that the Bovis value of food is very important, and he says that all foods that measure under 7,000 BU rob the body of energy and are illness-inducing. Those foods above 7,500 BU are energising and can be considered as healthful, while when they measure above 9,000 the foods actually have a cleansing and curative effect.

Dr Robert H. Steeloper

Dr Robert H. Steeloper is not just some random person with an opinion on the Bovis scale and the Bovis value of foodstuffs. He has many achievements to his name, and studied medicine and philosophy at the VU University Amsterdam, trained in Ayurvedic medicine, and works as an orthomolecular physician. He was also a physiotherapist specialising in manual therapy (joint problems) and studied Social Medicine at the University of Utrecht. He has also worked for the Globaal Medisch Dossier (a single medical file for patients) and for the Professional Health Association (Bedrijfsvereniging voor de Gezondheid). He has resided in Portugal since 2010, where he is a practicing doctor at the Consultorio de Medicina Natural.

The Bovis value of Amanprana’s products: Coconut oil, Kotobuku Rooibos, Matcha, etc.
Dr Robert H. Steelooper has great praise for Amanprana’s products, having already tested the Amanprana QI-board cutting boards using the Bovis scale. He is also a fan of the bodycare products, and had the following to say about the Razoli shaving oil: “I have been using Razoli shaving oil for some time now, and don’t want to use anything else”.In January 2015 he performed fresh tests in order to measure the Bovis values of a variety of Amanprana products. The results were extraordinary:

Results for Amanprana products and Bovis measured

Amanprana product Awarded Bovis value
Kotobuki Matcha14600
Kotobuki Earl grey14600
Kotobuki Rooibos13200
Gula Java Brut8600
Gula Java Cacao9900
Gula Java Matcha10900
Orac Botanico-mix + chili14700
Orac Botanico-mix14100
Shangri-La Eye Contour and Face Serum9800
Alana Mild Make-Up Remover9600
Menta mouth oil8960

As you can see, it was not only our food products that achieved excellent scores, but our bodycare products too. As Dr Robert H. Steelooper stated, “Amanprana tested very well, with a high Bovis value and all products of excellent quality.” They give us more power and increase our vitality. Amanprana coconut oil, for example, achieved a Bovis value of 13,700. That’s an excellent score and is thanks in part to the fact that the coconut oil is raw, unbleached and undeodorised. Purely natural, and it keeps its power!