We all rub something on our skin on occasion – be it shower gel, shampoo, body lotion, facial cream, make-up or perfume. And we generally don’t give much thought to the affects that these substances can have on our bodies. We only think about the outside, and use that factor alone to determine whether or not we are happy with it.

But what if we were to tell you that whatever you put on yourself also has a major influence on the inside of your body? This may be something you have never given much thought, probably because you think that it cannot affect you that much. But just consider how effective a nicotine patch is – it might be small, but it changes everything.

Those patches, measuring around 2 by 2 centimetres, are applied to your skin when you want to quit smoking. The nicotine is released from the patch and absorbed through your skin into the blood stream. And that’s just a tiny plaster on your arm. What would the result be if you were to smear it all over your body? The thought alone is too much.

How does your body absorb substances?

When it comes to us absorbing substances, the idea that they primarily enter our bodies through our food predominates. We keep our diets healthy, try to eat as few chemicals as possible and watch what we drink. But we forget that you can also introduce substances into your body through your breathing and your skin.
Your body can absorb substances in a variety of ways

  • By digesting what you eat and drink
  • By breathing substances in, through your lungs
  • Through your skin

The skin: complex and protective

Your skin is made up of a number of layers. The uppermost layer is the epidermis, which prevents loss of moisture and protects you from outside influences, primarily through the stratum corneum. Then there is the dermis, which is responsible for the skin’s strength and elasticity and then finally the subcutaneous tissue, where fat is stored.

Which substances are most easily absorbed by the skin?

Although skin is difficult to penetrate, it can certainly absorb substances under certain circumstances, with these substances ending up in the blood stream. This does of course depend on a number of factors.

  • One of the properties a product must have is that it is fat-soluble. Fatty substances such as oil penetrate the skin the easiest, as opposed to water-soluble ones.
  • Your skin’s condition plays a major role when it comes to absorption, as does your age and the location on your body. For example, the skin behind your ear is more permeable, as is damaged or young skin.
  • The way in which a substance is applied is also important. Active substances in oil are more absorbable than active substances in things like paraffin or vaseline.

There is no such thing as a moisturising cream

Although advertisements by the major cosmetics companies might have us believe otherwise, moisturising cream does not exist. That’s because your skin does not absorb water, and so it cannot absorb moisture. But in order to imitate this effect (by restricting the loss of moisture), these companies use a wide array of chemicals. This might produce positive results in the short term, but in the longer term it will only damage your body.

Absorbing essential oils through your skin

Essential oils act the same way in our bodies as they do in a plant. They provide the oxygen cells, remove waste products, increase the intake of minerals and vitamins, improve your mood, and each provide their own properties. They work according to the needs of the plant or the person. By combining essential oils with a cold-pressed extra virgin oil, you can get all the benefits of the unique properties of the essential oil you are using.

Only a few essential oils can be applied to the skin undiluted: rosemary, birch, lavender, tea tree, and a few others,

Molecules of up to approximately 350-400 nm, can penetrate the skin. A good quality essential oil is made up of molecules under 22 nm, and can thus be perfectly absorbed by our skin.

A warm skin that enjoys proper blood circulation stimulates oil absorption. This can be further encouraged by massaging the oil into your skin in circular movements. The composition and temperature of the oil also plays a major role.

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