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Drink from glass rather than plastic: Choose Amanprana Eco Respekt refillable glass water bottle/drinking bottle

Do you want to ensure a better world? Start with yourself. Opt for glass water bottles and avoid plastic bottles. Glass is hygienic, clean, reusable, sturdy, odorless and, above all, causes no environmental damage. Glass is inert, the substances in it do not seep into your drink, as is the case with plastic. Glass is free of toxic substances and is recyclable. Use the Amanprana Eco Respekt water bottle: a drinking bottle made of extra thick, strong glass.

  • Not plastic but glass
  • Dishwasher safe
  • With vortex (spiral) as a symbol of the vitality of water
  • With cosmogram of mandala Shri Yantra
  • In handy, recycled sleeve for traveling
  • 100% of the profit goes for charity Save the sea
The cover, available in the colors red, green and blue, is made from super foam. This is a shock-absorbing and insulating cover made from 100% recycled material. Mixed raw material without heavy metals. Free from harmful substances and completely odorless.
The bottle is suitable for both hot and cold drinks. The cover, made ofsuper foam, protects cold drinks from heat and keeps hot drinks hot for longer (note:this is not a thermos). The superior glass of the water bottle can also handle boiling water. Make sure you always pull the stopper out of the bottle vertically, otherwise the cork may break.

Want to clean the bottle? Put the bottle in the dishwasher and/or clean with a (vegetable) brush. A handy way is to shake some rice grains in the bottle with a small amount of hot water. Wash the cork regularly with lukewarm water. Coat it with coconut oil to keep it pure and supple.

  • Capacity: 0,5l
  • Suitable for cold and hot drinks
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Available in 3 colors: green, blue and red

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Amanprana Eco Respekt water bottle

500ml: € 19,95


This product is sold in nature food stores
and health food stores (where to buy)
or via our official amanvida webshop.

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Why a glass bottle?

It is better for the environment if you choose a glass bottle. Not only for the environment, though, but for your health as well. Did you know that plastic can disrupt your hormone balance?

Advantages of glass

Amanprana philosophy

At Amanprana we have quite a few projects running to make our products as sustainable as possible. For example, we work together with ProAves, we have drawn up a Fair Trade charter and we invest in the 'Save-the-Sea' project.

More about Amanprana philosophy

"Save-the-Sea" project

Are you familiar with Amanprana's Save-the-Sea project? When you buy an Eco-Respekt bottle, the money will go towards this project. We would like to direct your attention to our oceans, coasts, rivers ... We do this for ourselves but also for our children.

Check out the "Save-the-Sea" actions.