Stop whaling

Stop whaling. On 12 September 2010 ‘A Night for the Oceans’ was organised. A fund-raising event for Sea Shepherd with the cooperation of Noble-House aimed at protecting and cherishing our oceans. This event was jointly sponsored by Dr Bronner bio-degradable, organic and fair trade body care products and soaps. Stop whaling. Sea Shepherd, Amanprana, Rutger Hauer, Dr Bronner and HempHoodLamb and many other organisations and people want a total ban on whaling.

Paul Watson is de kapitein van Sea ShepherdPaul Watson, the Sea Shepherd’s captain, spoke very passionately that evening: He compared the animals and people on earth to a ship. The animals are the crew, mankind the passengers. If something happens to the crew, then the passengers will also perish, said Paul Watson. We need to take care of nature. There is no place for massacres and cruelty in the twenty-first century. All whaling should be stopped immediately. Japan and a number of other countries need to give in and stop whaling. According to Paul Watson small organisations such as Sea Shepherd can make a difference. Japan has to give in. In 2009, Sea Shepherd was able to protect more whales than Japan could kill. Sea Shepherd symbolises the protection of all marine species and their habit, the oceans.

At present,Mitsubishi, the biggest retailer of bluefin tuna, has a freezer with four years’ worth of tuna stock in it. The company’s aim is to raise this reserve to 15 years in order to have the monopoly on bluefin tuna once this can no longer be caught. Mitsubishi also has to stop marketing this highly endangered fish species. Paul Watson feels that if the oceans die, mankind will soon follow. After all, man comes from the sea. And without the sea man cannot survive. Paul Watson said: “We all need to protect the oceans and biodiversity”.


Rutger Hauer(66 yrs) has endorsed Sea Shepherd for twenty years. The Dutch actor addressed the audience: “I do not have the courage and strength to achieve what Sea Shepherd can do. I have been a supporter of this organisation for twenty years. I love nature. Whaling should be stopped and if anyone can do it then Paul Watson and his Sea Shepherd can.” Hauer contributed to the evening’s success with his initiative, “Artists for Sea Shepherd”. Help protect the oceans.

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Who is Sea Shepherd?

Sea Shepherd is a worldwide non-profit organisation which aims to protect life in the oceans since 1977. Sea Shepherd has also called for a stop to the massacre of all marine animals and the destruction of their habitat. Sea Shepherd tries to protect marine ecosystems and their inhabitants. To this end Sea Shepherd uses direct action on the oceans and also provides documentation and tries to raise awareness. Sea Shepherd acts where illegal activities take place at sea. Sea Shepherd is trying to safeguard the biodiversity of marine ecosystems for future generations.

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