Amanprana North Sea Challenge 2014.

A recreational event for charity.

It’s high time we did something to protect our seas and oceans.

Overfishing, ocean acidification, pollution, the list goes on. There are whole islands made of plastic floating around our oceans; fish are getting sick in their millions and dying out; the sea floor is becoming a desert. If we were able to see what things looked like below the water, we’d stop eating fish and stop using plastic. In fact, we would do everything we could do protect what remains of the marine world.

Our beaches are becoming ever filthier, not only with litter discarded by tourists but also with the huge quantity that the sea washes up. Amanprana has spent years supporting various campaigns under the banner of ‘Save the Sea’ (Red de Zee) to fight for clean seas and attractive beaches for our children. Cleaner coasts for our children! And that is why Amanprana is sponsoring.

Kim Clijsters is the patron of the 2014 North Sea Challenge

Kim Clijsters has not ignored our good cause, and it is a great honour for us that she will be participating in this year’s North Sea Challenge. Kim is an NSC patron and will be cycling the Challenge. Other Flemish celebrities have also provided their support and will be joining the NSC this year, including Martine Prenen, Gella Vandecaveye (walking), Ruben Van Gucht (running) and Luc Van Lierde (mountain-biking).

Kim Clijsters on the bike
Kim Clijsters is patron of the 2014 North Sea Challenge. Come cycle the NSC together with Kim and Martine on 13 September 2014.

Amanprana, principal sponsor of “North Sea Challenge 2014”

Who? Amanprana proudly presents the North Sea Challenge. Well-known patrons are walking, running and cycling the NSC for a good cause. Come and join Kim Clijsters, Gella Vandecaveye, Martine Prenen, Luc Van Lierde and Ruben Van Gucht.
What? A recreational sporting event: walking, running, cycling or mountain biking for clean coasts for our children.
When? Saturday 13.09.2014

North Sea Challenge logoThe North Sea Challenge is a recreational sporting event that is held along the Belgian coast, from De Panne to either Knokke-Heist (70 km) or to Ostend (30 km). It doesn’t matter how you get from the start to the end – by walking, running, cycling or mountain biking – just get out there and enjoy it, whether you’re just a recreational type, a trained athlete or anywhere in between!

The concept was born out of a dream to walk from France to the Netherlands, but when Luk Hendrickx realised that his dream would never come true, his youngest son took over the reins and walked the route himself. In the wake of many positive responses, he took it upon himself to launch the first ever North Sea Challenge on 21 September 2013, and with great success!

For the second North Sea Challenge we’re hoping to increase the numbers, aiming to get at least 2,000 sports-lovers together for the day. And so we’re calling out to all people to join the NSC on 13 September 2014. Walk, jog, cycle or mountain bike together for a good cause – clean coasts for our children. Register now at Join Kim, Gella, Martine, Luc and Ruben. Don’t worry about how fit you are – everyone can walk, run or cycle at their own pace.

North Sea Challenge 2014

Fifty percent of the proceeds of the North Sea Challenge 2014 will go to the Sea First Foundation (SFF). Like the NSC, the SFF is a non-profit organisation that aims to protect the oceans and their inhabitants, primarily through awareness-raising presentations and educational packages. Amanprana has donated at least 5% of its profits for many years to a wide range of SFF campaigns under the banner of ‘Save the Sea’. And that’s why Amanprana is the proud principal sponsor of this great event and the fellow-organiser of the second North Sea Challenge!

De meters en peters van de North Sea Challenge 2014: Gella Vandecaveye (wandelen), Kim Clijsters (fietsen), Ruben Van Gucht (hardlopen) en Luc Van Lierde (mountain biken).
The patrons of the 2014 North Sea Challenge: Gella Vandecaveye (hiking) Kim Clijsters (cycling), Ruben Van Gucht (running) and Luc Van Lierde (mountain-biking).

Kim ClijstersKim Clijsters is former Belgian tennis pro and world no. 1 player. In 2009, just a month after her comeback (after a two-year break), she won the US Open Ladies’ Singles as a wildcard. Kim Clijsters is the NSC cycling patron for the 2014 North Sea Challenge and is a fan of Amanprana.

Gella VandecaveyeGella Vandecaveye is a former Belgian judoka and holder of many Olympic medals and European and World Championship victories. Gella Vandecaveye is the NSC patron for walkers at the 2014 North Sea Challenge.

Martine PrenenMartine Prenen
 is a Flemish television presenter and health coach. Martine Prenen is the cycling ambassador and a supporter of the North Sea Challenge as well as a fan of Amanprana.

Luc Van LierdeLuc Van Lierde is a Belgian triathlete who twice won the Distance World Championship and is also a winner of the European Olympic Distance Triathlon Championships. He has also won the Ironman Hawaii twice, as well as the Ironman Europe and the Ironman Mexico. Luc Van Lierde is the NSC patron of mountain bikers at the 2014 North Sea Challenge and a fan of the energy drink Gula Java Matcha.

Ruben Van GuchtRuben Van Gucht is a Flemish sports journalist, presenter of Sporza and an ultramarathon runner. Ruben Van Gucht is the NSC patron of runners at the 2014 North Sea Challenge and a fan of Amanprana’s energy drink, Gula Java Matcha.

1,470 sports enthusiasts join the Amanprana North Sea Challenge

Since 2011 at least 5% of Amanprana’s profits have been devoted to various campaigns under the banner ‘Save the Sea’. We are also pleased to be the chief sponsor of the North Sea Challenge. The second Amanprana North Sea Challenge drew some 1,470 sports enthusiasts to the Belgian coast, where we walked, ran, cycled and mountain-biked in support of preserving and protecting the North Sea. It was a fun and successful day. At its conclusion Kim Clijsters handed over a cheque for no less than €33,000 to the Sea First Foundation, on behalf of Amanprana and the North Sea Challenge.