Away with the Vaseline!!

Away with the VaselineVaseline is often used as lubricant with machinery. In toxic medicine, it is used to cover the skin in cases of eczema or burns. Petroleum jelly has the property of not being absorbed by the skin, it stays like a film on your skin and seals this off very well. Vaseline contains paraffin, coming from petroleum. Vaseline cannot be absorbed by the skin and actually seals it off, leaving the skin unable to breathe and the pores become clogged. According to some sources, the use of petroleum jelly on the skin can even lead to the so-called paraffin addiction. This is a skin condition caused by the use of mineral oils (petroleum). These petroleum derivatives (Vaseline) dissolve the natural skin oils on the skin, disrupt the balance of the skin, destroy the skin flora, clog the pores, asphyxiate the skin etc. In cosmetics, petroleum jelly is used in preparations for protection against cold or moisture, but also in preparations against dry skin. Lots of lip ointments for chapped lips contain paraffin. Paraffin and in other words Vaseline is deadly for a glowing skin. It is the cause of blackheads, skin disorders, skin diseases, pimples, subcutaneous pimples, and the result of skin and pores that cannot breathe. Enough reasons to avoid paraffin (Vaseline) in our skincare products. The skin cannot breathe and gets clogged up with unpleasant consequences.

Cleansing milk, no thanks

Cleansing milk contains water as the main ingredient, sometimes even tap water, a non-active ingredient. Tap water (hard water) in cleansing milk clogs the pores (just like it is done in an iron or dishwasher) and is therefore partly the cause of blackheads, pimples and tired skin. Tap water in cleansing milk turns your skin into a piece of leather, the same effect water has on your washing if you do not add water or fabric softener to your wash. At Amanprana, we believe that the water actually dries out your skin and therefore we prefer, and we only use products based on vegetable oil with 100% active ingredients. Oil does not have a drying effect, it nourishes much better, is softer on the skin and leaves a radiant and healthy glow. Cleansing milk often burns the eyes during and after cleaning and there may be redness or irritation because of the preservatives. People with sensitive skin around the eyes quickly have problems. You also need more cleansing milk than when you use oil, therefore milk can also end up in the eyes faster.

Alana is simple, mild and effective.

Most makeup dissolves in vegetable oil, it’s that simple. The basic ingredients in Alana are based on this. We were supported by science and did in-depth research among women.