natural and organic essential oil in Rudolf breath free from Amanprana

Composition of Rudolf! Breathe Free

Rudolf! Is a combination of essential oils, coconut oil and carnauba wax. The extra virgin coconut oil has a soothing effect and is an excellent base for essential oils. The organic …

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Shaving manual for best results

Guide to a perfect shave

Do you shave with a razor or with a razor? Both have their pros and cons, but if you’re going for a really smooth result, we recommend using a razor. …

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coconut blossom sugar from amanprana with low GI

What is the Bovis value?

To measure life force, or chi, there is a frequency scale: the “Bovis”. It measures the vitality of our food. The higher the better.Fresh vegetables that have come out of …

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Rudolf Atemfrei helps with poor sleep

Having trouble sleeping?

Breathing and melatonin are the golden keys to better sleep You literally spend one third of your live between the sheets. Accounts for an average of eight hours sleep per …

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Oil pulling with mouth oil for a healthy mouth and body

Oil pulling: tradition cleanses your body.

The technique of oil pulling originated two thousand years ago. Back then, Ayurvedic texts already described this effective cleansing method. The Ayurvedic practitioners cleansed their mouths by gargling with vegetable …

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Alana with 8x vitamin E

What is Vitamin E? 4x tocopherols and 4x tocotrienols Vitamin E consists of 8 different fat-soluble substances. Four of them are tocopherols and the other four are tocotrienols. Each of …

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Benefits facial, body and massage oil

Health comes first Amanprana facial oils are natural. They were developed by Dana Van Oeteren based on respect. She did not use superfluous processes, so that hundreds of valuable ingredients …

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Shaving in history

Shaving throughout history

The history of shaving takes us back to the Stone Age. The Neanderthals removed hair using a type of epilation in the form of tattoos. Around 30,000 BC, the first …

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Less wounds or scratches when shaving with razor blades thanks to Razoli shaving oil.

Fewer wounds or scratches when shaving

Instructions for a perfect shave of legs, armpits and intimate area. When shaving with razor blades, Razoli shaving oil makes shaving softer, smoother and easier by creating a smooth barrier …

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