To measure life force, or chi, there is a frequency scale: the “Bovis”. It measures the vitality of our food. The higher the better.
Fresh vegetables that have come out of the ground have a different vitality than that of wilted vegetables. This is a generally accepted truth. How can we prove this vitality, how can we measure it?

Revitalizes, revives Chi

To measure vitality, chi, there is a frequency scale: the Bovis. This scale was developed by Frenchman André Bovis and perfected by André Simon Eton. The Bovis scale was created to measure vitality. This value is measured by the vibration of matter.

How is the Bovis value actually measured?

It is measured by means of a pendulum or Biotensor. The Bovis value is expressed in Bovis or BE units. The lower the value on the Bovis scale, the less vital the thing. Thus, people whose Bovis value is less than 6,500 BE are more likely to fall ill. In addition, their energy level will be lower.

A good diet

If nutritious food is important to you, it is important to integrate the concept of Bovis value. This value will tell you the nutritional quality of the food.

  • The value of cooked food is thus significantly lower than the value of freshly picked or harvested food.
  • In addition, organic food has a generally higher value compared to fruits or vegetables that do not come from organic farming, often contaminated by chemicals or genetic manipulation.
  • The value of our food decreases in proportion to the level of processing and modification of it. Not only over time, but also through storage, cooking or refrigeration.

The Bovis according to Robert H. Steelooper

According to the famous Dutchman Robert H. Steelooper, the Bovis value of food is very important for humans, since the absorption of food below the threshold of 7.000 BE costs potency. When the food has a value over 7,500, it can be considered to provide power and is good for us. When a food has a value greater than 9,000, it can be considered purifying and even therapeutic.

About dr. Robert H. Steelooper

The doctor. Robert H. Steelooper is not just anyone and his opinion on Bovis and the Bovis value of food matters. He already has a lot of achievements to his credit. He studied medicine and philosophy at the Free University of Amsterdam, trained in Ayurvedic medicine, is an orthomolecular doctor, physiotherapist specializing in manual therapy (joint pain) and he also pursued studies in social medicine at the Utrecht University.He also worked in favor of the Global Medical File and for the Business Association for health (editor’s note: in the Netherlands). Since 2010 he has been living in Portugal where he is a doctor at the Consultorio de Medicina Natural.

Bovis high value extra virgin coconut oil
Bovis high value extra virgin coconut oil

The Bovis value of Amanprana products: coconut oil, Rooibos Kotobuki, Matcha etc.

The doctor. Robert H. Steelooper is a fan of Amanprana products. He owns an Amanprana Qi-board himself and has already tested it for its Bovis value. He is also a fan of cosmetic care products. Here is what he says about Razoli Shaving Oil: “ I have been using Razoli Shaving Oil for quite some time. I don’t want anything else anymore. ” In January 2015, he started new tests to measure the Bovis value of various Amanprana products, the results are amazing:

Amanprana ProductReward
Bovis value
Kotobuki Matcha14,600
Kotobuki Rooibos13,200
Gula Java Brut8,600
Gula Java Cocoa9,900
Gula Java Matcha10,900
Orac botanico + Chili spice blend 14,700
Orac botanico mix14,100
Shangri-La Eye Contour and Face Serum9,800
Alana gentle make-up remover9,600
Mint oral oil 8,960

Not only our food products but also our cosmetic products have an excellent score. As Dr. Robert H. Steelooper: “Amanprana’s performance is very good, Bovis values are high, everything is of very good quality.” Our products provide power to humans and bring vitality. Thus, Amanprana coconut oil has a value of BE 13,700. A particularly high score, which is obtained, among other things, because it is crude coconut oil. It is neither bleached nor deodorized. Pure nature, we keep the strength of food!