The technique of oil pulling originated two thousand years ago. Back then, Ayurvedic texts already described this effective cleansing method. The Ayurvedic practitioners cleansed their mouths by gargling with vegetable oil. This way they healed their bodies.

Oil pulling tradition very much alive

Dr Karach from Ukraine brought the oil pulling tradition to people’s attention again at a conference for cancer specialists and bacteriologists.

Amanprana mouth oil for the best result

Oil pulling is often done using cheap sesame or sunflower oil. But these oxidise quickly. That is why Amanprana opts for a unique blend of oils. Extra virgin coconut oil for its small molecular structure, through which it can reach all corners of the mouth. Extra virgin hemp oil for its spiritual and therapeutic value. Extra virgin olive oil with a high chlorophyll content to remove odours. In addition, it has antiseptic properties thanks to the essential oils of oregano, clove and cinnamon.

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