The benefits of shaving your legs, armpits and pubic hair with shaving oil instead of shaving cream, foam or soap. Razoli for women, shaving oil for women. Softer on the feminine skin than waxing.

Waxing is hard on the feminine skin. It’s always better to use shaving oil. Soothing skincare, both during and after shaving Say goodbye to skin aftercare when using Razoli shaving oil. You’ll never need skin aftercare again when you use Razoli shaving oil for women.

This shaving oil was specially created for women and soothes and nourishes the skin when shaving, so that your feminine skin will always feel soft and smooth. This gives the ethereal oils (essential oils) the time and the opportunity for the caring and protective components they contain to do what they’re supposed to. Most shaving products, such as shaving soap, shaving cream or shaving foam, contain chemicals, and they almost always contain chemical fragrance compounds. Feminine skin can have a reaction to these chemicals, with redness, irritated skin, itchiness and a burning sensation the result. They can also be dehydrating.

Razoli shaving oil is completely free of chemical substances, hard water or alcohol that could irritate your skin or cause it to itch. Razoli shaving oil only contains natural skincare ingredients and also smells lovely, and it cares for and hydrates your skin and keeps it beautifully soft and supple. Razoli shaving oil was designed for a quick and very smooth shave and for perfect skincare. Guaranteed to keep your skin in top condition. You can feel it and you can see it. Razoli shaving oil also softens and heals should you choose to wax. After waxing, massage the Razoli oil into your skin. The benefits of Razoli shaving oil over shaving soap and cream (or foam).Remove hair with Razoli shaving oil for women.

DescriptionAmanprana RazoliShaving cream organicShaving cream supermarketShaving soap organicShaving soap supermarket
100% activeyesnononono
100% organicyesnononono
100% naturalyesnononono
EDTA tetrasodium nonomostlynomostly
potassium palmitatenosomesomemostlymostly
potassium stearatenosomesomemostlymostly
sodium cocoatenosomesomemostlymostly
sodium cocoyl glutamatenosomesomesomesome
sodium palmitatenosomesomemostlymostly
sodium silicatenosomesomemostlymostly
sodium stearatenosomesomemostlymostly
sodium thiosulfatenosomesomemostlymostly
tetrasodium etidronate nosomesomemostlymostly
triclosanno nosomenono
saponified oilnosomesomeyesyes