You improve the condition of your skin and work on a radiant appearance every time you remove your make-up and clean your eyes with Alana.
Your skin has many functions, but it cannot cleanse itself. But it absolutely needs regular cleaning, otherwise the skin impurities will pile up in a very short time. Cleaning your skin daily with Alana means reserving quality time for your skin. Understanding how your skin works is the best way to clean your eyes and face.

Avoid harsh skin care regimens

The skin regulates body temperature and produces vitamin D through the sun. If you know how your skin works, you also know how to optimally cleanse it. The skin has various important functions: it protects the body against pathogens, separates excess moisture, regulates body temperature and produces vitamin D through the sun.

It forms a protective layer for the maintenance of the functions: it produces a water / fat layer (water from the sweat glands and fat from the sebum glands). If the natural layer is removed during cleansing or makeup removal, the skin simply reacts by producing a new layer.

If the layer is removed very often and this is also done with rather aggressive skin care products, the skin also responds with an increasing production of mainly fat. Too much fat hardens and clogs the pores. You already understand how a skin problem arises.

Blemishes appear very quickly

Alana removes makeup and helps nourish the epidermis enough
As the largest organ in the body, your skin has important functions. For example, the top layer, the epidermis, is a buffer against external influences and bacteria. Your skin produces a layer of fat against the influences from the environment. If you clean them with Alana, you will help your skin to maintain the protective layer. When cleaning with the mild make-up cleaner from Alana, a layer of oil remains directly on the skin, which penetrates deep into the various layers of the skin. This layer doesn’t feel greasy.

In this way your skin stays supple, you nourish the skin, you help with the start of regeneration, you protect your skin and you also offer your skin enough moisture. In other words: you support the function of the buffer. Well-functioning skin shines! Work together with your skin, pamper it every day with the luxury of Alana and thus maintain its strength. In this way you assure yourself a pure, strong, beautiful and healthy charisma.

0% chemical substances, 0% alcohol, 0% parabens, 0% water, 100% organic, 100% natural, 100% active, 100% edible.