If you notice your skin is aging and getting duller, you want to take extra care of it. You may feel that your day and night cream are no longer enough. A serum is a liquid, almost an oil, containing one or more active ingredients that address a particular skin problem. An anti-aging serum is specially designed to combat the visible signs of skin ageing such as wrinkles, pigmentation or age spots.

Benefits of an anti-aging serum

A serum is thinner or lighter in texture than a day or night cream, but much more concentrated. The higher the concentration of active ingredients, the more intense the effect of the serum.

While a cream is richer in texture and more likely to lay a layer on your skin (which is good for hydration), a serum can penetrate much deeper into the various skin layers. This is because a serum has smaller molecules than a cream. A serum is therefore absorbed faster and better by the skin. The active ingredients work longer, so a serum can be up to 3x more effective than a cream.

Because a serum is so highly concentrated, you often only need a few drops to take care of your skin. So you do much longer with your serum, which still makes the often slightly higher price acceptable.

A serum is like a shield that protects your skin from daily external influences. Our anti-aging serum is based on natural oils and essential oils that protect the skin from free radicals from pollution and sun damage.

A serum provides an extra mindful step in your beauty routine. Not only will the serum intensively care for your dry skin or wrinkles, but by applying it, you are also giving yourself some extra attention and self-love.

How to use an anti-aging serum?

Because a serum can penetrate deeper into the skin, it is important to add it into your beauty routine at the right time, though. After all, a day or night cream puts a layer on your skin. If you put the serum on your face afterwards, it has to pass through the barrier of the cream before it can act on the skin. A better order is:

  1. Clean your face with some water or an oil-based make-up cleanser (e.g. coconut oil) and/or a cleansing lotion.
  2. Put a few drops of serum on your fingertips and dab it into your skin. You can also drip some serum into your palm. Rub your hands together to warm up the serum and dab it onto your face with your hands. Be careful not to touch your skin with the pipette, otherwise bacteria can get into your bottle of serum! Dab the serum onto your face as well as your neck and décolleté. These are often forgotten, even though the skin of the neck and decollete is just as thin and fragile as that of the face.
  3. Afterwards, apply your day or night cream to your face and neck. A serum provides extra nourishment but does not leave a protective layer. Therefore, a day or night cream is still useful. Choose a day cream with SPF sun protection in it.
Apply a serum to both your face and neck.

Which face serum should you choose?

Which serum your skin needs is very personal. Take a good look at your face and decide what you want to tackle. Do you suffer from blemishes, spots or scars or does your skin need a hydrating boost? Sometimes it is not so obvious and you would like to give your whole face a makeover. Then opt for an invigorating anti-aging serum that works on multiple levels.

Such a serum helps fade wrinkles and keeps the skin young and supple. Likewise, it is caring for dry patches and ultimately creates a radiant glow.

Obviously, for best results, use the serum daily. Keep in mind that it may take a few weeks before you see its full effect. Skin renews itself about every month, but that process is a little slower as you get older.

Choose a natural anti-aging serum from organic, pure ingredients and don’t put on your skin what you can’t eat!

Amanprana’s Shangri-la anti-aging serum contains 100% oil extracts from plants, fruits and herbs. It contains a mix of essential oils that naturally have an anti-aging effect and protect collagen and keratin in your skin.