Instructions for a perfect shave of legs, armpits and intimate area.

When shaving with razor blades, Razoli shaving oil makes shaving softer, smoother and easier by creating a smooth barrier between the skin and the blade. The shaving oil softens and smoothes the skin, allowing the blade to glide smoothly over the skin and reducing nicks and scratches. The direction of hair growth is clearly visible through the oil, allowing for more efficient shaving and sculpting. After shaving, the nourishing Razoli shaving oil is well absorbed into the skin, allowing the essences to have their full effect on the skin. If you use shaving oil when shaving with razor blades, no additional post-shave care is required.

Shaving instructions

How to safely achieve a super smooth shave. Shave the intimate area, legs and armpits.

  1. If the hairs are too long, shaving with razor blades becomes painful and difficult. Therefore, you should first shorten the hairs with scissors or clippers. Then remove the remaining hairs with a perfect shave.
  2. Razoli can be applied to dry or wet skin (e.g. when showering). If you moisten the skin with pleasantly warm water, the hair becomes smoother and the pores open up.
  3. Put some shaving oil on the palm of your hand, spread it on both palms and then on the skin to be shaved.
  4. Spread the nourishing shaving oil and massage it in thoroughly.
  5. Hold the razor blade at a 90° angle to the skin and initially shave in the direction of hair growth.
  6. Rinse the blade regularly under hot running water or rinse it in a bowl of hot water. If necessary, dry the blade with a cloth before continuing to shave.
  7. Rinse skin with a little water if necessary.
  8. Pat the skin dry (especially after showering).
    Also apply Razoli directly afterwards to prevent red pimples, rashes, redness and other skin irritations.
  9. Finally, to cut the hair even shorter so that the skin feels even smoother, shave against the direction of hair growth and in all directions. If necessary, apply a little nourishing shaving oil.
  10. The skin is now wonderfully soft. Additional care with another product is unnecessary. Razoli shaving oil already contains all the ingredients for perfect care.
  11. You can also use Razoli between shaves to maintain the health and moisture of the skin.