Rudolf! Is a combination of essential oils, coconut oil and carnauba wax.

  • The extra virgin coconut oil has a soothing effect and is an excellent base for essential oils.
  • The organic carnauba wax is caring and soft and gives the solid texture to Rudolf! Herbal balm. Carnauba wax is called the queen of the waxes.

The essential oils we use are 100% natural, organic and from real plants. Essential to essential oils are the ingredients menthol and eucalyptol (so these are not isolates or synthetic imitations).

  • Biological camphor (Ravintsara): cools and soothes Camphor is a component of Ravintsara (Cinnamomum Camphora), an ingredient which our grandmothers would have in the house in case of weakness; they used to call it ‘smelling salts’. Originating from Asia, this natural remedy is recovered from the wood of the wintergreen camphor tree. Ravintsara in Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm has a twofold effect: it cools and warms at the same time, thus creating a balance.
  • Biological wintergreen: good for muscles and joints Wintergreen (Gaultheria Fragrantissima) is a perennial, evergreen plant, hence the name. Wintergreen is found at the foot of the Nepalese Himalaya. The plant has white flowers that later become red berries, and green leaves that feel firm as leather. The essential oil is distilled from the leaves, and has a very specific and recognizable woody, fruity smell.
  • Biological eucalyptus: soothes and refreshes The leaf of the blue gum de Eucalyptus Globulus, produces an essential oil which would already be used by the Aboriginals in the treatment of fever. Eucalyptus oil in Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm refreshes. The cooling properties earned it the nickname ‘fever tree’.
  • Biological thyme Since ancient times, Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) has been used for medicinal purposes. The essential oil is recovered from the flowering plants.
  • Biological sage Sage (Salvia Lavandulifolia) in Amanprana Rudolf! herbal balm is historically regarded as a miracle cure because it has so many good properties. In aromatherapy it is used against a whole series of complaints. The bark of the tree yields an essential oil with a sweet, woody fragrance.
  • Organic Cedar The Atlas cedar (Cedrus Atlantica) grows in the mountains of Morocco and is the only cedar oil that should be used in aromatherapy. The bark of the tree provides an essential oil with a sweet, woody scent.
  • Biological clove The essential oil of clove is a great first-aid-tool. Besides, the essential oil is not recovered from the ‘bud’, but from the flowers themselves, which first flourish from the buds before the clove hardens.