Health comes first

Amanprana facial oils are natural. They were developed by Dana Van Oeteren based on respect. She did not use superfluous processes, so that hundreds of valuable ingredients could be preserved and the synergy of the ingredients was possible. Only then the healing and energetic properties of the facial oil will be fully present. Each bottle of Amanprana contains thousands of years of plant evolution which gives our facial oils strength and balance. Because oils react with plastic, we package them in glass.

No isolates

The effects and the scent of plants are determined by hundreds of fractions. Amanprana believes in this whole. The isolation of fractions leads to the loss of this cohesion and the healing effects – something which occurs quite often in the perfume and body care industry. There, for instance, monoterpenes are absent. You can hardly see or smell them, but oil without monoterpenes does not heal. Monoterpenes are responsible for correct information at the level of the cells. Another example is thymol, an isolate from thyme oil. For years, thymol was used as a disinfectant in hospitals. Now, however, we know that thyme oil can handle more germs and hardly irritates the skin in comparison with the isolate thymol. A similar example is the chemical version of methyl salicilate, which is downright poisonous, whereas natural methyl salicilate is not. Natural wintergreen is not poisonous, but laboratory wintergreen is. Natural wintergreen contains 90 to 98% methyl salicilate and 2 to 10% other substances, which make a world of difference. Amanprana uses the entire oil, not isolates.

For sensitive skin

The legislator has (rightly so) made it mandatory to mention ingredients which could cause allergic reactions. However, the law mistakenly equates chemical and natural isolates to the entire natural effect of the plant. Amanprana facial oils contain hundreds of ingredients which are there exclusively as a result of nature. They complement, neutralise, buffer and harmonise each other. Amanprana does not contain chemicals or isolates. Good news for your health and for sensitive skin types. If your skin reacts to these facial oils, it usually concerns detox or cleansing reactions. Obviously, these are good. In case of reddening, temporarily reduce or interrupt their use. Preferably do not use on damaged skin.

Natural intelligence and vitality

The Amanprana facial oils contain vitality (Prana) because the base oils are cold-pressed. The essential oils give them an intelligent organising conscience. They can bring health to a confused body and turn instability into balance (Aman). All Amanprana facial oils are antiseptic, reinforce the immune system, cleanse and have a positive effect on the endocrine system, the hormone balance and general well-being.

Natural is important

Chemical crop protection agents weaken a plant. They protect the plant, which as a result does not build resistance. Plants growing organically or in the wild contain more micro-healing nutrients because they had to generate these to survive. Chemical fertilisers nourish the plant with only 3 minerals (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) of the 75 minerals available on earth. Organic fertilisers contain all minerals, making the plant healthier and its oil richer in protective and nourishing substances. Chemical crop protection agents also kill the soil. But plants draw their strength from living soil, which contains millions of microbes, earth worms and other organisms. They transform the soil into a feast for plants. Chemically treated, dead soil results in weak, unhealthy plants with little – or at least less – healing power. Amanprana believes in the value of plants growing organically or in the wild for its facial oils.

Strengthening skin, body and mind

Aromatherapy founders such as Gattefossé, Maury, Buckle, Clarke, Tisserand and Price have provided sufficient proof that essential oils reach our body and mind through the skin. Via hair follicles and sweat glands they reach the blood vessels and the lymphatic system. If you massage the oil into your hand, the skin absorbs it within approx. 30 minutes, and after one hour it can already be found in the urine. After about 12 hours it has been absorbed by every cell in our body. The oils can also form compounds with the skin’s fat cells and are released when the body asks for it. According to the English School of aromatherapy essential oils work optimally by massaging base oil enriched with 2 to 5% essential oil into the skin. Such as the ones we find in the Amanprana facial oils. The base oil in Amanprana facial oil (almond, olive, red palm, coconut and apricot oil) delays the release of the essential oil. The effect is softer and more spread in time.

What is essential oil?

Essential oil is the volatile and fat-soluble part obtained by steam distillation of plants. Neroli: 3 million orange blossoms, which are picked at night or in the early morning, are necessary to obtain half a litre of Neroli oil. Only light molecules of less than 400 AMU (Atomic Mass Units) are released from the plant. The heavy parts remain within the plant mass and keep their therapeutic properties after drying. The lower the atomic weight of the oil, the faster one can smell it, the faster its therapeutic effects appear (but also the shorter they last), and the faster they are absorbed by the skin, body and mind. All substances which are smaller than 500 AMU and fat-soluble can penetrate the skin, follow the nervous system, cross meridians, reach blood vessels and make a positive contribution at cell level, including the brain and DNA.

What is absolute oil?

Absolute oil is not essential oil according to the strict definition because it is obtained via a solvent approved for the food industry. Absolute oil contains a wider variety of molecules, up to 700 AMU. Amanprana only uses one absolute oil because we find its scent so unique and pleasant: that of jasmine. Jasmine cannot be obtained through distillation. The Amanprana absolute jasmine oil is not just any oil. Neroli: 3 million orange blossoms, which are picked at night or in the early morning, are necessary to obtain half a litre of Neroli oil. Real jasmine costs 2,500 euro per kilo, whereas synthetic jasmine costs only 10 euro. Amanprana is one of the few using real jasmine oil.

What is pressed oil?

Citrus oils can be mechanically cold pressed from the skin. They also contain heavier elements. Between 400 and 500 AMU.

The strength of essential oil

There is a fundamental difference between oil and essential oil. Oil is present in the seed and flesh of the plant (e.g. olive oil). It stays there and mainly has an energetic value from which the seed can germinate and live on for some time. Essential oil is called ‘essential’ because it is essential for the survival of the plant. It circulates through the plant just like the blood in our body. It cleanses, detoxifies and transports oxygen and waste. Essential oils form compounds with heavy metals and toxic substances and eliminate these. They act in plants as hormones, regulate plant functions and orchestrate the production of vitamins and enzymes. They are messengers and guards. They coordinate and initiate plant activities. For people, they can play the same role. They can function inside our body as neurotransmitters, steroids, enzymes and message-carrying molecules. Essential oils can assist the body and mind in an intelligent way to obtain and maintain well-being and balance. In addition, the Amanprana facial oils smell wonderful.

Homeostatic intelligence

Essential oils have ‘homeostatic intelligence’. They first fulfil this role in plants, and then in humans. Essential oils turn an acid body into a more base one. They have the intelligence to kill bad bacteria and keep the good ones. Contrary to antibiotics, they reinforce the immune system and also fight viruses and fungi. If plants are damaged, their essential oil flows towards the wound and protects the plant from infections. They can do the same for people. Just like the human body, essential oils strive for homeostasis, the intelligent regulatory mechanism of the body. This ensures that organs and cells work well and are balanced. The Amanprana facial oils have this homeostatic intelligence. Chemical body care and perfumes do not. Chemicals are not intelligent, they lower the immune system and they contaminate. Amanprana facial oils are intelligent.

Vitality and vibration

The frequency of a healthy body is 71-90 Mhz. A dead body: 25 Mhz. Tinned food: 10-15 Mhz. Amanprana facial oils: up to 320 Mhz. The higher the frequency, the higher your vitality and immunity. Frequencies make people live, vibrate and resonate. This way, the Amanprana facial oils support our health. They resonate with our cells, organs, thoughts and feelings. They do not resonate with toxic substances, but eliminate them. Amanprana facial oil vibrates, harmonises and brings clarity into chaos. Chemical body care and perfumes do not. Essential rose oil has the highest electromagnetic frequency of all essential oils: 320 Mhz. The scent of roses is physically, mentally and spiritually uplifting. We can find it in the Amanprana facial oils Rosas and Babaluna.

Violet glass protects the valuable facial oil

Sunlight consists of visible light (rainbow spectrum) and invisible light (ultraviolet and infrared). In visible light essential oils lose their scent and their healing properties. On the other hand, the invisible light preserves and activates oil molecules. Violet glass offers the solution: it allows invisible light to pass through and completely blocks visible light. Brown glass and plastic cannot do this. Violet glass is better for the quality, taste and smell. Better for your health, beauty and wellness.

Graphic violets glass of daily oil

Glass tube in the bottle

Monomeres of all kinds of plastic migrate in fats, oils or oily products. They disturb the hormone balance and even the smallest particles are carcinogenic (according to Colborn, Dumanoski and Myers in their book ‘Our Stolen Future’). That is why at Amanprana we do not use plastic, but a glass tube in the bottle.

Glass tube in a bottle of daily oil

ORAC protects against ageing

ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a scale to measure the level of antioxidants. A higher ORAC value means better protection against ageing. The Amanprana facial oils score high on the ORAC scale, even higher than fruit and vegetables.

Cold-pressed almonds from Andalusia

Quality almonds from Andalusia cost 50% more than the ones from California. But at Amanprana we know the difference in scent, taste and quality. We accept a maximum of 0.5% of broken, damaged or dark almonds. 99.5% must be perfect and measure between 11 and 14 mm. We press them to extra virgin with our cooled screw press, making sure the temperature does not exceed 40 °C. This way, the enzymes and the healing, alkalising effect of the almond oil remain intact as much as possible. We are proud of that.

Extra virgin olive oil from La Rioja

At Amanprana we do not just put any olive oil into the bottle. We have chosen one of the best smelling, tastiest and healthiest extra virgin olive oils: Hermanos Catalan from La Rioja. Free fatty acids: less than 0.3%. Hermanos Catalan oil carries both the extra virgin and the DOP label. It is produced with respect from their own Arbequina olives, cold-pressed and bottled on their estate. It has an excellent quality, taste and smell.

Deliberately little omega

Omega-3 and 6 are essential for a healthy skin. However, omega-rich oil which oxidises on the skin under the influence of oxygen and light ages the skin. Omega-rich oil such as Okinawa Omega must be taken cold, but not applied to the skin. Amanprana knows this. That is why our facial oil contains mainly mono-unsaturated oil, little omega-6 and hardly any omega-3.

The skin, our largest organ

Amanprana’s facial oil is perfectly edible. A delicate taste and smell. Our motto is: ‘only if you can eat it can you rub it onto your skin’. Otherwise you should not use it. The skin is our largest organ. It has a protective but also an absorbing function. It is generally accepted that body care products are partly absorbed by the body. Amanprana nourishes, protects, hydrates and cleanses the skin and finds its way to each cell in our body.

Full of protective substances

Many body care products contain less than 2% of effectively active or protective substances, and often 98% of non-active substances such as water, all kinds of emulsifiers, preservatives, aromatic substances and flavourings. In addition, these protective substances are often isolates, which Amanprana does not believe in, even if their effect has been proven scientifically. Amanprana is naturally full of vitamin E, carotenes, plant sterols, polyphenols, lecithin, squalene, chlorophyl, co-enzyme Q10, hydroxytyrosol, oleuropein, glycerine, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, enzymes, tannins, flavonoids, terpenes, aldehydes, coumarines, lactones, saponins, alkoloids, minerals, quinones, amygdalin, etc.

Analysis of drops of daily oil

Why a facial oil and not a facial cream?

Most facial creams contain 60 to 90% tap water. This is cheap, has no active effect and dries the skin. It seems illogical that water dries the skin. Water drains the oil from the skin and therefore dries it. You will notice this if you often go swimming, take showers or do the dishes. Oil, on the other hand, retains the water within the skin. The skin cells need to receive sufficient oil to prevent drying and infections. Morale: oil hydrates and is the solution for a soft and healthy-looking skin.

Radiant, pure beauty

In his book ‘Reverse Aging’ the author Sang Whang says: ‘The basis of health, a long life and eternal youth is the management and the elimination of waste.’ By management he means: do not eat more than necessary, and only nutrient-rich food. Do not expose yourself to contaminants such as chemical body care, chemical sugars, harmful fumes (e.g. paint and cleaning products), processed food, etc. Chemical body care age the skin. They are foreign, harmful and contaminate the skin. There are no chemicals in our facial oils. One of the active substances in Amanprana facial oil are phenols. They clean the cells and fight viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, medicines and other enemies or contaminants. Amanprana facial oils have a cleansing effect.

Protective tocotrienols and carotenes

Vitamin E and carotenes are probably the most important protectors of the skin. Vitamin E consists of 4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols. The latter are powerful protectors of the skin. Much more powerful than e.g. alpha-tocopherol. All Amanprana facial oils contain 2 to 5% of red palm oil. Red palm oil is the biggest supplier of tocotrienols and carotenes (10x more carotenes than carrots). Amanprana facial oils also naturally contain Q10, which reinforces and protects the vitamin E.

Pure and mild baby and toddler oil

There is nothing as sensitive as our babies’ and toddlers’ skin. Especially for them, we have created a facial oil which is even milder. With slightly less essential oil. For their sensitive skin Amanprana has selected essential oils which are suitable for their age and needs. These are, of course, 100% organic, 100% active, 100% natural, 100% edible and, naturally, 0% chemical.

Bottle with endless possibilities

Everyone interprets our facial oils in his or her own way. Just like music. Our facial oils can induce certain moods and effects. They can arouse strength and emotions which only apply to you. But the Amanprana facial oils are both messengers and recipients of thoughts. Your intentions partly determine their effect. You choose which possibility you prefer. Treat your facial oil with love and you will get positive vibrations in return. You choose what you want to reap and achieve. Just as you should talk to plants, you should transfer your thoughts and wishes onto the facial oil. In the measure in which the facial oil influences you, you will influence the facial oil… Treat yourself to Amanprana facial oil. But give it to others as well.