Amanprana's Hermanos Catalan olive oil is extra virgin and organic

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The Catalán brothers grow, press and bottle the olive oil themselves from 100% Arbequina olives. The quality starts with their olive trees that get twice more space, 36m2 each. The hand-picked harvest is pressed within six hours. This is done mechanically, with little pressure and at less than 25°C.

After decantation in stainless steel tanks, the Amanprana olive oil is bottled on demand in dark glass bottles, without filtering. This way, taste and antioxidants are optimally preserved.

Why choose Hermanos Catalan organic olive oil?

  • “Best olive oil in the world” (Biol 2017)
  • Distinguished by 11 awards
  • Organic
  • High quality
  • First cold pressing obtained from olives by mechanical means
  • 100% Arbequina
  • Works best in cold preparations
  • Mild and harmonious taste
  • No less than 175mg/kg polyphenols. View the lab results.

How to use Amanprana’s organic olive oil

The taste of the organic olive oil Hermanos Catalan comes into its own in cold preparations. Use this organic olive oil for preparing raw vegetables, salads and vinaigrettes.

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Organic olive oil Hermanos Catalan

  • “Best olive oil in the world” (Biol 2017)
  • Distinguished by 11 awards
  • Organic
  • High quality
  • First cold pressing obtained from olives by mechanical means
  • 100% Arbequina
  • Works best in cold preparations
  • Mild and harmonious taste
  • No less than 175mg/kg polyphenols

100% extra virgin olive oil made from 100% Arbequina olives.

EAN code: 5425013642101 (500ml.)

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€ 18,95 - € 21,95 *


This product can be purchased in health food stores (where to buy) or through our official Amanvida webshop.


*Recommended (minimum-maximum) suggested retail price

Reviews on Amanprana hermanos catalan olive oil

Veronique Vynck and Ludo Slaets

Vitruvius Health Center

Vitruvius Health Center works with high-quality products and therefore likes to work with Amanprana products, such as coconut oil, red palm oil, olive oils and Gula Java coconut blossom sugar. The Kotobuki teas, the Okinawa Omega oils and coconut fibers have also become indispensable. “And for our massages we only use natural oils, so free from chemical perfumes and other harmful, toxic substances. That is why I went looking for a healthy and also delicious-smelling alternative and discovered Amanprana’s body care products”

Leen Steyaert

author, first menopause specialist in Belgium and health therapist, Belgium

Your products, your coconut oil, your olive oil, they’re just fantastic products that I want to thank you for.

Amanprana’s products are extremely adequate and are actually a tool I have to take care of the people I consult. In my book Healthy through the menopause I also use these tools to support everything properly.

Pascale Naessens

Media personality and author cookbooks

Extra virgin olive oil contains oleocanthal, which has an anti-inflammatory effect in the same way as ibuprufen. Regular consumption of virgin olive oil has the same anti-inflammatory effect as ibuprofen (Pure Food That Makes You Happy, Pascale Naessens, p126)

Amanprana recipes with hermanos catalan olive oil

Vegetarian sandwich spread Cauliflower Velouté Houmous with olive oil

Video: Hermanos Catalan - harvested, pressed and bottled on 1 estate

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A selection from our range

Our products are organic, vegetarian, processed as little as possible and where possible fair trade and fair world. Manufactured with respect for people, animals and the earth. At Amanprana, we believe in the whole and not in the individual particles.

Sustainable packaging from Amanprana

Amanprana chooses to use glass packaging. This is not only better for the environment, but also better for the taste and your health. Glass is an impermeable substance. This means the chance of something into your food from the outside is therefore nil. In addition, glass also contains no substances that can end up in your product. Glass is 100% natural and therefore does not contain any BPA (Bisphenol-A). We consciously chose a dark glass bottle to protect the oil from light. The optimal quality of your Amanprana oil is retained. The label of Amanprana's oil is made from bioplastic (PLA). Bioplastic is biodegradable and is made from lactic acid bacteria. In addition, the glue is eco-friendly and compostable.

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The 11 awards of our olive oil from 100% Arbequina olives

  • Gold medal for world’s best organic extra virgin olive oil (Biol 2017)
  • Silver medal for best extra virgin olive oil (Cordoba, 2017, Spain)
  • Award for best fruity green organic olive oil from La Rioja (2017, Spain)
  • 1st prize for best extra virgin olive oil (La Rioja, 2017, Spain)
  • Listed as one of the best olive oils in the world (Flos Olei 2016, Rome)
  • Gourmet prize (AVPA 2015, Paris)
  • Gold medal in the fruity Spanish organic olive oils category (Premio Mezquita 2014, Spain)
  • Silver medal, best organic olive oil in the world (Ecotrama 2013, Spain)
  • Among the 25 best olive oils in Europe (Biopress 2012, Germany)
  • Best Spanish extra virgin olive oil (2011)
  • Best organic extra virgin olive oil (BIOC 2010)

11 awards to Hermanos Catalán

Halslabel van de Hermanos Catalan een biologische olijfolie van 100% Arbequina olijf

Amanprana sets the bar high when it comes to high quality ingredients.
Amanprana goes for quality! Read more about our organic certificates.

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