Sustainable offices for Amanprana

Amanprana offices

Maurice Le Clef, who led the project, is proud. “Here at Amanprana we strive to live, work and manufacture in a sustainable and ecologically sound manner,” he says. “We wanted to construct and furnish our latest work environment so that it would express our philosophy and thus give us the most attractive possible place to work, a place where it is pleasant to work.”

Sustainable offices for Amanprana
Sustainable offices for Amanprana

When it came to the construction the company only used sustainable and ecologically sound building and finishing materials, and the floor, the walls and the wooden frame are all made of sustainable FSC wood. Meanwhile a great amount of natural light was made available, with the artificial lighting now 100 percent LED. “This lighting is energy efficient and probably the most attractive and healthy form of lighting available.”

When it came to the finish Amanprana only used environmentally friendly, water-based paint that was free of solvents. This meant that there were no unpleasant odours and no toxic fumes. The office furniture is also made of recycled teak. “Amanprana offers a range of certified organic and Fair Trade products, which promote and bolster your life energy in a serene manner, without harming your body or spirit. In summary, our products are gentle and contain no excesses”

The Amanprana head office is fully powered by solar and wind energy

As of 12 August 2014 the Noble House head office in Brasschaat has been fully heated and lighted using solar energy and wind energy, while the lighting is primarily LED. And so we are powered 100 percent by sustainable energy. From now on the Amanprana head office will be buying green energy from ENECO. Greenpeace has declared ENECO the greenest energy provider there is – a 100 percent green energy provider that only produces sustainable energy provided by the wind and the sun. This means Amanprana is also backing the WWF initiative to reduce CO2 emissions. Together we choose the sustainable option.

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