Amanprana labels

Amanprana labels

The Fair Trade logo worn by Amanprana products

Amanprana and Fair Trade. Corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainable and ecological.

When one chooses Amanprana, one chooses to give opportunities to the local population. Although we are not perfect, we try to move in the right direction as much as possible. We therefore try to purchase raw materials in an ethical manner.

CSR with coconut oil, coconut blossom sugar, coconut flour, vanilla and cocoa. Fair Trade without Ecocert.

Our coconut oil, coconut blossom sugar, coconut flour, vanilla and cocoa are all Fair Trade. Where previously known player Ecocert certified us, we have now drawn up our own Fair Trade Charter. This is because many Fair Trade organizations have become unaffordable. By setting up our own Fair Trade charter, we set our own standards very high. With our coconut project we provide work for 300 families from Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

Amanprana does not have its own plantations.

Amanprana purposely does not have its own plantations. We believe that this would contribute to poverty in the developing countries. Often the gardens and land and food provide for the local population: keeping it in one’s own hands forces them to use their wages to buy food. The profits that Western parties like to make are therefore withdrawn from the developing country. The Amanprana Fair Trade project provides work for around 300 families in the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Fair Trade Fund. Giving back to the world, ecologically and sustainably responsible through long cooperation.

In the past we had to pay a lot to control organizations, purely to be certified Fair Trade. Now we invest this money in the Fair Trade Fund. In addition, 5% of the purchases of our Fair Trade products go to this fund, compared to 3% in the past. What the money is used for For healthcare, the environment, purchasing of production means, education, infrastructure and a guaranteed minimum price for the products. In this way we work on a long-term cooperation that benefits all parties.


Amanprana is organic and vegetable. Amanprana products support and strengthen the life force in a serene way, with natural ingredients. Quality and responsibility are paramount at Amanprana.

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