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Natrue label for the Amanprana products

All Amanprana organic body care products have the NATRUE label. Natural cosmetics are certified.

All products in the Amanprana body care line are certified with a NATRUE label. This certificate is only granted when natural products are used. The NATRUE label is an international label with strict criteria. The label was designed by an organization that does not work for profit but would like to certify independently. This is because they felt that there were no clear standards.

NATRUE wants to solve this problem by maintaining “the highest possible standard for natural cosmetics and its ingredients”. The NATRUE label adheres to strict standards for natural and organic cosmetic products. These standards are publicly available and such certification makes it easier for consumers to confirm the quality of a natural product.

Conditions for a NATRUE label. When tcan a NATRUE certificate be obtained?

To qualify for a NATRUE label, products must conform to the following conditions:

  • Must contain natural and organic ingredients
  • Must be made in a human and nature-friendly way
  • Must not have been tested on animals
  • All products with the NATRUE label do not contain synthetic fragrances, colorants or preservatives. In addition, there are no silicones or derivatives and petroleum and derivatives present.
  • All ingredients with the NATRUE label are not genetically modified.

NATRUE for natural cosmetics such as skin care, shampoo, mouth care, makeup, perfume. The term “products” in this case means skin care, hair care, mouth care, sun protection, makeup, personal care and perfumes. Only products that meet the strict NATRUE standards receive a NATRUE rating and are allowed to carry the NATRUE label.

All Amanprana body care products are NATRUE certified on level 3:

1st level: Natural Cosmetics The first NATRUE level – Natural Cosmetics – defines the quality level for Naturalness that distinguishes itself from all authentic cosmetics – it is the foundation for a NATRUE certified product. It emphasizes which ingredients are allowed and how they can be processed. It sets minimum values ​​for natural ingredients and maximum values ​​for almost natural ingredients per product group.

2nd level: Natural Cosmetics with organic ingredients In the case of NATRUE-certified products with two stars, 70% of the natural ingredients of animal or natural origin must originate from organic cultivation and/or controlled wild cultivation in accordance with the EC ECO Regulation. Despite ongoing scientific research, not all product groups can achieve these quality standards in this area, e.g.. Shampoos.

3rd level: Organic Cosmetics The 3rd level – Organic Cosmetics – sets the highest requirements. The minimum values ​​for natural ingredients are higher than at level 2 of which 95% of the natural ingredients must originate from organic cultivation and/or controlled wild cultivation in accordance with the EC ECO Regulation.

Only products that meet the strict NATRUE standards receive a NATRUE rating and are allowed to carry the NATRUE label. More information about NATRUE.

All Amanprana body care products are certified by Leaping Bunny.

All Amanprana body care products are certified by Leaping Bunny.

What is the Leaping Bunny logo?

The Leaping Bunny logo is the only internationally recognized symbol that guarantees the consumer that no animal testing has been used in the development of a product bearing this label. The logo can be seen on packaging, advertisements and websites for cosmetics and household products all over the world.

Logo of the organic label that is worn by Amanprana's products

Amanprana products are 100% natural and organic, i.e. organic food and organic body care.

According to the ideas of Hippocrates: food should also be medication. Amanprana also considers food a medicine.. Amanprana is based on organic principles. At Amanprana we start with the foods that nature provides us. For this reason, Amanprana is 100% organic. Both the foodstuffs, based on “food as medicine”-principle, and the body care products, based on the principle of “What one cannot eat, one does not apply to the skin”.

What is organic? Organic food and organic products explained

At Amanprana we work with 100% organic products. But what is organic anyway? Organic products come from organic farming. This involves agriculture with respect for nature and the animals. Organic products come from organic farming. In organic farming, the approach is not to feed the plant, but the soil. In this way the food is as close to nature as possible.

Amanprana 100% Organic food and organic body care

Companies that want to propagate that they are organic must be in possession of certificates, which are only awarded when strict conditions are met. At Amanprana all products are 100% organic and certified.

Fair World logo

Amanprana and Fair World. Farmers in central Java and coconut blossom sugar as most sustainable sugar.

The coconut blossom sugar from Amanprana is Fair World. Amanprana cooperates with Lestari Mandiri and Hivos.

Hivos is a humanistic organization that strives for a fair, sustainable and free world where there are equal opportunities for women. Lestari Mandiri is an association that works for the interests of farmers and their families in central Java. It offers great projects that are involved in humanitarian rights. We call this Fair World.

We at Amanprana cooperate with associations of farmers in central Java who oversee the process of harvesting and producing our coconut blossom sugar. These processes all happen according to the Fair World principle.

Together with Organic Alliance we strive to provide 850 families in central Java with an extra income. In addition, we ensure that their natural habitat remains protected.

Fortunately we are not alone in this, because coconut blossom sugar has been named the most sustainable sugar by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). Something to be proud of! This way you know that when buying a pot of coconut blossom sugar you are doing a good job, especially if you buy it from Amanprana.

Amanprana and Fair Trade. Corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainable and ecological.

When one chooses Amanprana, one chooses to give opportunities to the local population. Although we are not perfect, we try to move in the right direction as much as possible. We therefore try to purchase raw materials in an ethical manner.

CSR with coconut oil, coconut blossom sugar, coconut flour, vanilla and cocoa. Fair Trade without Ecocert.

Our coconut oil, coconut blossom sugar, coconut flour, vanilla and cocoa are all Fair Trade. Where previously known player Ecocert certified us, we have now drawn up our own Fair Trade Charter. This is because many Fair Trade organizations have become unaffordable. By setting up our own Fair Trade charter, we set our own standards very high. With our coconut project we provide work for 300 families from Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

Amanprana does not have its own plantations.

Amanprana purposely does not have its own plantations. We believe that this would contribute to poverty in the developing countries. Often the gardens and land and food provide for the local population: keeping it in one’s own hands forces them to use their wages to buy food. The profits that Western parties like to make are therefore withdrawn from the developing country. The Amanprana Fair Trade project provides work for around 300 families in the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Fair Trade Fund. Giving back to the world, ecologically and sustainably responsible through long cooperation.

In the past we had to pay a lot to control organizations, purely to be certified Fair Trade. Now we invest this money in the Fair Trade Fund. In addition, 5% of the purchases of our Fair Trade products go to this fund, compared to 3% in the past. What the money is used for For healthcare, the environment, purchasing of production means, education, infrastructure and a guaranteed minimum price for the products. In this way we work on a long-term cooperation that benefits all parties.

Triman recycling logo (France)

The Triman is a recycling logo that is mandatory on all packaging of products sold in France. According to the French government, the logo symbolizes the responsible citizen (black silhouette) who separates his waste in different ways (three black arrows) and thus helps with recycling (round arrow left). It originated as a French replacement for The Green Dot.