Premium Amanprana extra virgin olive oil a superb olive oil for a reasonable price

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Premium Amanprana extra virgin olive oil - 500 ml.: € 7,95

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BBQ? Party? You are the chef. In fact, your dishes deserve Amanprana’s award-winning extra virgin olive oil each and every day.

Even Amanprana’s least expensive olive oil ranks among the better extra virgin olive oils. One of the measurements used in grading the quality of extra virgin oil is the level of acidity. The lower the acidity, the better the quality.

The limit for extra virgin oil is an acidity level of 0.8%. Even our least expensive one has an acidity of no more than 0.4%.

Why choose Premium Amanprana olive oil?

  • 100% organic
  • maximum 0.4% acidity
  • olive blend
  • a special extraction method without using heat or water
  • fruity, mild chlorophyll flavour
  • Amanprana’s least expensive extra virgin olive oil

How should you use this premium olive oil?

When used at room temperature, the flavour of the Amanprana Premium extra virgin olive oil (the less expensive olive oil) comes into its own, but this olive oil is also perfect for frying, roasting and stir-frying.

You choose the best basis for your dish by baking, frying and stir-frying with this organic olive oil.

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Premium Amanprana extra virgin olive oil

  • Amanprana’s least expensive extra virgin olive oil
  • 100% organic
  • maximum 0.4% acidity
  • olive blend
  • a special extraction method without using heat or water

100% olive oil *, origin: Spain

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500 ml.:
€ 7,95


This product can be purchased in health food stores (where to buy) or through our official Amanvida webshop.

Reviews on Amanprana olive oil – amanprana premium

Veronique Vynck and Ludo Slaets

Vitruvius Health Center

Vitruvius Health Center works with high-quality products and therefore likes to work with Amanprana products, such as coconut oil, red palm oil, olive oils and Gula Java coconut blossom sugar. The Kotobuki teas, the Okinawa Omega oils and coconut fibers have also become indispensable. “And for our massages we only use natural oils, so free from chemical perfumes and other harmful, toxic substances. That is why I went looking for a healthy and also delicious-smelling alternative and discovered Amanprana’s body care products”

Amanprana recipes with olive oil – amanprana premium

Blinis with pumpkin curry and algae Quickly make vegan sausage for the pizza Parsnip and black garlic Halloween soup

A selection from our range

Our products are organic, vegetarian, processed as little as possible and where possible fair trade and fair world. Manufactured with respect for people, animals and the earth. At Amanprana, we believe in the whole and not in the individual particles.

Sustainable packaging from Amanprana

Amanprana kiest voor een glazen verpakking. Dat is niet alleen beter voor het milieu, ook voor de smaak en je gezondheid. Glas is een niet-doorlaatbare materie. De kans dat er dus van buitenaf iets in je voeding terecht komt is nihil. Daarnaast bevat glas ook geen stoffen die in je product terecht kunnen komen. Glas is 100% natuurlijk en bevat dan ook geen BPA (Bisfenol-A). Om de olie te beschermen tegen licht, kozen we bewust voor een donkere glazen fles. Je Amanprana olie blijft optimaal behouden. Het etiket is gemaakt van bioplastic (PLA). Bioplastic is biologisch afbreekbaar en wordt gemaakt door melkzuurbacteriГ«n. Daarnaast is de lijm ecologische en composteerbaar.

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Amanprana sets the bar high when it comes to high quality ingredients.
Amanprana goes for quality! Read more about our organic certificates.

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