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Want to buy coconut oil extra virgin+ from Amanprana?

This product is for sale in health food stores and local ‘organic stores’ or via our official webshop Amanvida.

With the ‘Happiest’ Coconut Oil in the World, You Create Prosperity and Health.

Why is Only Amanprana Coconut Oil Extra Virgin+?

Amanprana’s organic coconut oil makes everyone happy

As a small family company, Amanprana believes it is important for our certified organic coconut oil to make everyone happy. First and foremost, you and your loved ones. But also the environment. And the families in Sri Lanka who pick and process the coconuts are very grateful for you. They call Amanprana the ‘happiest coconut oil in the world’. Amanprana takes care of the local prosperity: education, bio-agriculture, health care, housing, water and electricity.

7 Reasons Why Only Amanprana is Extra Virgin+:

  1. The only original coconut oil (since 2005).
  2. After harvest, the ripe coconuts rest for 45 days. This enzymatic process improves the flavour and quality.
  3. The only real 100% raw coconut oil. Premium and (extra) virgin are often cold-pressed. But that’s not enough. Almost all premium and (extra) Virgin coconut oils go through a drying tunnel at 90 to 110 degrees Celsius. This affects the digestive enzymes naturally present. They become inactive. Cold-pressing after this drying process does not make much sense. As a result, these coconut oils are not of ‘raw’ quality. Amanprana’s drying process does not exceed a max. temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. The benefits? The active enzymes stay active and ensure an easy digestion of this cold-pressed Amanprana coconut oil.
  4. Amanprana has a longer shelf life thanks to its maximum humidity of 0,06% (40% less humid than the norm of 0,1%)
  5. 48 fresher-than-fresh guarantee: the Amanprana coconuts are peeled, shredded to pulp, dried for 24 hours and then cold-pressed. This all happens in a max. of 48 hours. Nobody does it like us!
  6. Fair Trade Charter
  7. Packaged only in glass jars with compostable labels. We do not use plastic.
  • Amanprana bioogische kokosolie in 4 formaten
  • Cold-pressed Coconut Oil

    • The best quality
    • The ripe coconuts are given at least 45 days to rest, allowing the enzymatic processes to take place making it an easily digestible coconut oil with the perfect flavour. You taste the difference.
    • Fair Trade
    • Both during the drying process and the pressing process, a maximum temperature of 45 degrees is set.
    • Unique drying process for true raw quality. Nobody does it like us!
    • Organic
    • The only original extra virgin+ coconut oil since 2005
    • From peeling to pressing: a max of 48 hours, fresher-than-fresh guarantee

    100ml: € 6,25            325ml: € 10,95
    1000ml: € 25,95     1600ml: € 39,95


    This product is for sale in health food stores and local ‘organic stores’
    (where to buy) or via our official webshop Amanvida.

Amanprana coconut oil is very versatile. This oil is often used in the kitchen for baking and frying, but it has also become indispensable in the bathroom. As a body care product, it is really an all-rounder due to its versatility.

In the kitchen:

Replaces any fat to bake, spread etc. Coconut oil remains stable when heated so you can not only bake, but also roast and fry.
When frying, make sure that you never heat your food above 170 to 180 ° C. The coconut oil, if you filter regularly, lasts about 50 turns.

In the bathroom:

It is wonderful to use on your skin. The Amanprana Coconut Oil contains no chemicals and is 100% pure nature. The coconut oil is suitable for every skin type. Use coconut oil:

  • As a make-up remover
  • As a lip balm
  • As a hair mask, against frizzy hair
  • As a facial oil
  • As a body lotion
  • As a shaving oil
  • As a cuticle oil
  • Make it deodorant
  • Make it toothpaste
  • In rough and dry places
  • As a lubricant
  • As a massage oil
  • Against lice
  • As bath and baby oil
  • On baby’s red bottom

For your (pet) animal:

Many animals love coconut oil and it also has many health benefits.

  • Stops the growth of germs (mix a little daily with food)
  • Against hairballs (smear a little on your cat’s paws)
  • For optimal care of the coat (lightly coat your dog or cat)

Amanprana Chooses Glass Packaging

This is not only better for the environment, but also better for the flavour and your health. Glass is a non-permeable material. Therefore, the chance that something from the outside ends up in your food is non-existent. Moreover, glass does not contain any substances that may end up in your food. Glass is 100% natural and does not contain any BPA. Your Amanprana coconut oil retains its optimal quality.

The label of the Amanprana coconut oil is made from bioplastic (PLA). Bioplastic is biodegradable and is made from lactic acid. In addition, the glue is ecological and compostable.

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Amanprana sets their bar extremely high in regards to quality of ingredients. Amanprana always goes for quality!

For more info about our ‘bio’ certificates.
SGS analysis report of Coconut Oil – PDF
LOVAP analysis report of Coconut Oil – PDF

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Amanprana Coconut Oil is Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

100ml: € 6,25
325ml: € 10,95

1L: € 25,95
1600ml: € 39,95


This product is for sale in health food stores and local ‘organic stores’
(where to buy) or via our official webshop Amanvida.

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de kokosolie van Amanprana is de enige echte rauwe kokosolie sinds 2005

No monkeys are used when harvesting the coconuts

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The preparation of the Amanprana barista blend of tasty coffee with coconut oil.

Preheat your blender by pouring hot water in it, so your coffee doesn't cool down when you put it in the blender. When the blender has taken over the heat sufficiently, you can pour the water away again. When you have made the two cups of coffee you can put it in the blender. Then add the two tablespoons of coconut oil to the coffee and blend it until your coffee has a thick layer of foam. Then pour your coffee into your mug and add a pinch of Amanprana Gula Java cocoa to taste. (cinnamon and cocoa). Enjoy your Amanprana barista blend of coffee and coconut oil. Find out what effects this barista blend has on you!

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Recipes with Coconut Oil

Amanprana coconut oil fits perfectly into a nutritious kitchen. The nice thing about this coconut oil is that you can use it in all types of dishes, from breakfast to dessert. You taste coconut on bread. When heated, it gives off a softer flavour.

Recipes with coconut oil

Quality & Origin of Coconut Oil

Amanprana coconut oil is Fair Trade. When you buy Amanprana coconut oil, you support more than 300 families that need your support. We don't see Fair Trade as 'charity', but rather as an ethical long-term partnership.

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How to Use Coconut Oil?

Amanprana coconut oil is very versatile. Coconut oil is most commonly used in the kitchen for baking or frying but it is also an unmissable product in every bathroom. As body care, it's a true all-round product.

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