With the Amanprana-Niulife-Solomon coconut oil project , Amanprana contributes to the most fair trade coconut oil project in the world.

Together we make extra virgin coconut oil 100% fair trade

Since 2018, Amanprana has been supporting Niulife ‘s fantastic fair trade coconut project. In collaboration with Niulife, Amanprana makes a major contribution to making coconut oil 100% fair trade.

Kokonut Pacific is a not-for-profit company and owner of Niulife. In 2004 they signed a fair trade agreement with FairTSA.

FairTSA stands for Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance, roughly translated: The alliance for fair and sustainable trade . The goal of the FairTSA is to improve the quality of life of farmers and workers through fair trade and sustainable community development.
On March 20, 2019 Bart Maes, the founder of Amanprana, also signed the FairTSA agreement.

“Normally, a premium is added to the product price for community development. However, because Kokonut Pacific (Niulife) works differently and they actually invest much more in the community than our fair trade standard requires, there is no premium to pay.”
dr. Winfried Fuchshofen, director of FairTSA

Amanprana goes a step further than the FairTSA agreement demands!

In addition to the premium that Amanprana pays to Niulife for supporting the Amanprana-Niulife-Solomon coconut oil project, Amanprana gives 0.5% of its Niulife coconut oil turnover to FairTSA as an additional fair trade premium. On March 7, 2019, Amanprana paid its first fair trade premium to FairTSA.

As a European partner of Niulife, it is Amanprana’s ambition to market all Niulife’s coconut products in Europe. Support this ambitious fair trade project with the purchase of Amanprana’s Fair Trade Coconut Oil!

What does it mean if a product is certified FairTSA?

Certified fair trade coconut oil

If a product is FairTSA certified, this means that it meets the requirements of The Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance. This covenant concerns fair trade through sustainable cooperation.

FairTSA certified stands for:

• Community development in a sustainable way
• Community development through networks of control bodies and NGOs (non-governmental organizations that act between citizens and government)
• Support decent living conditions
• Locals support communities through a democratic process
• Supporting farmers and producers in their efforts to meet western requirements and guide them and open them up to other cultures.

“The aim of the Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance is to improve the quality of life for farmers and workers through fair trade and sustainable community development. Fair Trade is a mark-based approach to international trade, where ethically minded buyers invest in social responsibility to empower the people who produce these products”
dr. Winfried Fuchshofen, director of FairTSA

More information about the Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance can be found on the FairTSA website .