Khoisan fleur de sel is one of the 5 best sea salts in the world

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Not less, but BETTER salt is the message.

Khoisan fleur de sel is filtered by Mother Nature herself. On the West Coast of South Africa, where Khoisan fleur de sel comes from, the ocean water seeps through an underground 2,000 meter-thick barrier of limestone, quartz and shell beds.

This water-permeable earth layer (or aquifer) naturally filters the ocean water that has seeped through. The underground salt water is then pumped up in shallow salt pans. Here it receives life force, solar energy and regeneration capacity. Its Bovis value is between 16600 and 24700. Significantly higher than Himalayan salt. It is harvested by hand, dried and vitalised in the sun.


  • Filtered by Mother Nature
  • Amongst the 5 best sea salts in the world
  • Fair Trade
  • Khoisan founder Britt Geach was named the ‘Female Farmer of the Year’

Sea Salt Vs. Khoisan Fleur de Sel

95% of the crystallising salt sinks to the bottom. This becomes common ‘sea salt’. But if the conditions are ideal, namely when the South African summer sun is hottest, 5% of the salt on the water surface crystallises into beautiful “flowers of salt” (fleur de sel). Before this salt layer can sink, these scarce and precious floating crystals are retrieved by hand from the water. Only 1kg of fleur de sel can be retrieved per 35 square meters.

How to Use Amanprana’s Fleur de Sel?

The “moment suprême” for each dish is when the chef tastes his creation. As a crown on the work, out of respect for the ingredients and just before serving, he sprinkles his best fleur de sel onto the creation. Not from a salt shaker. But by hand in a flowing movement. Connoisseurs describe Khoisan fleur de sel as harmonious, soft and excellent for the refined cuisine and on the table. Give finesse to your dishes.

Khoisan Fleur de Sel is Fair Trade

Khoisan fleur de sel is a fair trade salt and therefore has a fair trade label.
Khoisan fleur de sel comes from a small family business where about 13 full-timers have a permanent job. During the harvest season, 10 additional seasonal workers are employed. A Fair Trade fund pays school fees for the children of the permanent employees. The same fund also invests in educational programs that help employees work together, as well educates about health and safety. All employees receive a fair wage which is well above the minimum wage in South Africa.

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Khoisan fleur de sel


100% Khoisan fleur de sel

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€ 19,95 - € 22,95 *

€ 13,95 - € 15,95 *


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Our products are organic, vegetarian, processed as little as possible and where possible fair trade and fair world. Manufactured with respect for people, animals and the earth. At Amanprana, we believe in the whole and not in the individual particles.

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At Amanprana we believe in the whole, so with the packaging material we also take the environment into account as much as possible. Compostable, resealable packaging with zip closure. A compostable resealable bag with organic-zip closure protects the almond flour from oxygen and light. The outside is plastic-free, made of alternative paper from leaves and stems. The zip closure and inside of the bag are industrially compostable!

The outside of the coconut flour packaging material is made from FSC kraft paper. The FSC (Forest Steward Council) promotes sustainable forest management: for every tree felled, another tree is planted. The inside is made of cellulose. These are fibers from plants and trees.

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South Africa and Fleur de Sel

In a pure, beautiful South African place, far removed from any industry, named Velddrif, a salt-delicacy of unparalleled quality and flavour is harvested.

Only when the sun shines hard enough in the African summers and with a light breeze a salt crystallisation process occurs on the surface of the water. Before this precious salt layer sinks, the Khoisan fleur de sel is scooped up by hand. It is literally ‘skimmed’ from the ocean.

The extraction of Fleur de Sel

Visuele afbeelding van hoe khoisan fleur de sel natuurlijk wordt gewonnen

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