The origin of many health conditions? Poor oral hygiene. And an unhealthy mouth means an unhealthy body. With a toothbrush you reach only 60% of your teeth and 10% of the oral cavity. This is not enough to eliminate all bacteria. Oil pulling with Amanprana mouth oil is thorough, simple and effective.

Oil pulling = more energy

Amanprana mouth oil tackles typical western complaints. Lack of energy? Oil pulling will make you feel fitter, because your body does not need to fight unwanted intruders. Problems with insomnia? Oil pulling will make you sleep better by giving your bowels and immune system a rest. In short: you get a fit and healthy body.

Oil pulling = nice smile, fresh breath

Those who regularly use Amanprana mouth oil notice the difference: whiter teeth, pink gums and a healthy, pink tongue. And, of course, out of a healthy mouth comes a fresh breath! In the morning and even during the day.

Oil pulling = better health

Your mouth is a micro-ecosystem. Inside your mouth it is warm and humid: the ideal environment for micro-organisms such as bacteria. These produce enzymes and toxic waste products that irritate your gums and cause caries. Hence, many health problems start in your mouth. Regular oil pulling with Amanprana mouth oil reduces the health risks associated with poor oral hygiene.