Ingredients for caramelised biscuit spread

  • 200g organic caramelised biscuits of your favourite brand, or better yet, why not bake your own
  • 4 tablespoons of strong organic espresso
  • 60g extra virgin coconut oil from Amanprana
  • 50g organic hazelnut spread
  • 15g organic butter, organic cinnamon powder

Preparation of caramelised biscuit spread

Crumble the caramelised biscuit in a food processor or grind it with a mortar and pestle. Spoon over the coffee and then fold in the softened butter, the coconut oil and the hazelnut spread. Mix well and add cinnamon powder to taste. Do not store in your fridge or it will no longer be spreadable.

Tip from Martine:

Coconut fat (or coconut oil) is perfect for avoiding illness. It offers increased resistance against all kinds of infections, increases your vitamin and mineral intake and boosts the immune system. Coconut fat will also promote digestion and the faster elimination of accumulated toxins.