Ingredients for helenic salade

  • ½ iceberg lettuce
  • 2 large tomatoes
  • 200 g. green beans
  • 3 large new potatoes
  • 3 boiled eggs
  • 100 g. herbed tofu (e.g. pizza pizza)
  • Black olives
  • 2 dessertspoons Verde Salud extra virgin olive oil


Preparation of helenic salade

Make this salad today for a healthy lunch tomorrow

2 dessertspoons of Verde Salud olive oil into a pan and fry the diced tofu over a medium heat turning all the time for 5 minutes and until they are crispy and light brown. Remove from the heat and leave them to cool down completely. Wash the potatoes and boil in lightly salted water for approx 15 minutes until cooked, rinse under cold water and leave to cool down completely (can be done the day before) Cut into large cubes (in their skins) Cook the beans for 10 minutes until al dente, rinse in cold water and leave to cool down (can be done the day before) Top and tail the beans. Boil the eggs (hard = 5 minutes) run under cold water. Cut the iceberg lettuce into strips. Cut the tomatoes into chunks. Peel the eggs and cut into quarters. Create an attractive salad from all these ingredients. Mix all the other ingredients together in a bowl and pour the vinaigrette over the salad shortly before serving (if the salad sits in the dressing for too long it will go floppy and will lose its crispness).

Tip from Ellen:

Delicious in the summer as a full meal salad with garlic bread and a cup of gazpacho soup as a starter Give the salad a twist by replacing the tofu with Shoarma tofu and replace the Happy Delight oil with Indian Delight oil.