Amanprana white thyme Sal Verde is grown exclusively in Portugal.

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Amanprana’s Sal Verde is rich in iron. It contains 12.4mg / 100g. a.d.h. iron is 14mg !!

Sal Verde adds a delicious flavour to dishes with less salt. Can also be used in aromatherapy.

The white thyme from Amanprana, Sal Verde Thymus mastichina, comes from Portugal (Quinta dos Choupos).
Thymus mastichina, also known as pure salt, has small oval leaves with a strong aroma and an intense flavour. It is a variety of thyme with a fresh and herbal scent. This white thyme grows in shrubs on stony, sandy soil. It settles along the boundaries and embankments of roads and deserted farmland.

How should you use white thyme, Sal Verde?

The white thyme from Amanprana, Sal Verde, is used as a substitute for salt in the kitchen. White thyme is commonly used in Spanish and Portuguese cuisine in particular. It imparts a fresh and spicy aroma to your dishes. It also intensifies the flavour of your dish, thereby significantly reducing the amount of salt needed.

“Unparalleled in the world of thyme and of unrivalled superior quality, it is ours, Sal Verde, it is Portuguese, it is worth knowing that.”

Where is Amanprana’s Sal Verde (white thyme) grown?

In the village of Quinta dos Choupos, 140 km east of Lisbon, Amanprana’s white thyme Sal Verde is planted, harvested and dried on a small organic farm.

“What matters is working with nature, preserving biodiversity and its genetic, cultural and environmental heritage, respecting the seasons, producing endogenous species, adapting, adopting sustainable farming practices, respecting the environment, respecting the soil. your white thyme that has aroma, flavor and potency. It is up to us, as consumers, to be discerning in choosing and buying ”.
Margarida Carreira, organic herbs, Quinta dos Choupos, Portugal (producer of Amanprana’s white thyme Sal Verde)

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White thyme, Sal Verde 60 grams

  • Organic
  • intense & delicious flavour
  • Fresh & herbal scent
  • Suitable for aromatherapy

100% Portuguese white thyme*

EAN code: 5425013640176 (60 gr.)

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60 gr.:
€ 27,95 - € 32,15 *


This product can be purchased in health food stores (where to buy) or through our official Amanvida webshop.


*Recommended (minimum-maximum) suggested retail price

White thyme, Sal Verde 40 grams

  • Organic
  • intense & delicious flavour
  • Fresh & herbal scent
  • Suitable for aromatherapy

100% Portuguese white thyme*

EAN code: 5425013640336 (40 gram)

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40 gram:
€ 18,95 - € 21,80 *


This product can be purchased in health food stores (where to buy) or through our official Amanvida webshop.


*Recommended (minimum-maximum) suggested retail price

Amanprana recipes with white thyme

Baked celeriac Stew with spelled seitan Aubergines with goat's cheese

Productieproces Sal Verde

Where is Amanprana Sal Verde (white thyme) grown?

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Our products are organic, vegetarian, processed as little as possible and where possible fair trade and fair world. Manufactured with respect for people, animals and the earth. At Amanprana, we believe in the whole and not in the individual particles.

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White thyme as an ornamental plant

As an ornamental plant, white thyme has enormous potential, as it is a shrub, larger in size than most thyme and produces lots of round-shaped heads full of small white flowers when it flowers, which all gives it a special charm.

It can reach a height of 40-70 cm and the same in width. This white thyme withstands temperatures below zero. It is perennial and extremely hardy under the most adverse soil and climatic conditions. It flowers from May to September. It likes well-drained soils, exposure to the sun. It does not like excessive humidity, which could result in it dying. It is important that it is pruned several times a year to maintain its strength and vitality, otherwise the base becomes quite woody and eventually becomes very unsightly or dies prematurely. It thrives well at sea level. The flowers are hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and are pollinated by insects.

Dishes with Sal Verde, (white thyme, Portuguese thyme)

Scones with white thyme, endive dish with white thyme, green olives with white thyme, fried baby potatoes with white thyme and garlic, courgette with Greek honey and white thyme, veggie goulash with white thyme, cauliflower with white thyme, tagine with white thyme, sauerkraut dish with white thyme, gratin dauphinoise with white thyme, moussaka with white thyme, pasta sauce with white thyme, green beans with onion sauce and white thyme, sweetheart cabbage salad with white thyme, forest mushroom soup with white thyme, tomato soup with white thyme, warm goat’s cheese with apple and white thyme, mushrooms au gratin with white thyme, apple-walnut Gongonzola salad with white thyme, Brussels sprouts with white thyme, veggie stew with white thyme,

Dishes with Sal Verde

Finish dishes with Portuguese thyme
(forget to finish for once (or forever) with salt and pepper)

Portuguese dishes with Sal Verde

Portuguese beans with white thyme, garlic dressing with white thyme, tomatoes with rice and white thyme (arroz de tomate), rice pudding with white thyme (arroz doce), minced veggie with white rice, broad bean salad with white thyme (favas frescas em salad),
onion puree with white thyme (refogado), gazpacho with white thyme, parsley sauce with white thyme (, orange dessert with white thyme, almond cake with white thyme (torta de amendoas), green bean soup with white thyme (peixhinos da horta), Portuguese baked bread with white thyme (rabanadas), all kinds of croquettes with white thyme (croquetes deliciosos), tomato pie with apple and white thyme, doce Belmequer with white thyme (sweetener), stone soup with white thyme (sopa de pedra a ribatejo), Portuguese sweet rice with white thyme, molho the piri piri (chili pepper sauce) with white thyme, braised lentils with white thyme, Portuguese rice with brocolli and white thyme (Arroz De Brocolis), asparagus in almond jacket with white thyme, portuguese artichokes with white thyme, portuguese green potato soup with white thyme , sweet egg cream with white thyme, caramel custard with white thyme, ovos mexidors a moda coimbra with white thyme, torta de laranja (orange roll) with white thyme, peas with egg and white thyme, baked potato apples with white thyme, omelette with white thyme, peaches in red wine and white thyme (pessago com vinho), chickpeas with spinach e “(grao com espinafres), Portuguese king’s cake with white thyme (Bolo-Rei), Portuguese meal soup with vegetables and white thyme (Sopa de legumes), sweet milk clouds with white thyme (Doce de clares e ovos mole), white beans with tomatoes and white thyme (Feijao branco a moda de Beira)

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