Choose Amanprana extra virgin and organic coconut oil

Our walnut oil comes from Périgord and is extra virgin and organic.

Walnut oil has a soft, distinctive nutty taste. Walnut oil is made by pressing dried walnuts. Périgord walnut oil from Amanprana is cold pressed. This way, the flavors and the nutritional values ​​are preserved. With cold pressing, the yield is lower, but to Amanprana, the quality and softness of the walnut oil is paramount.

  • Périgord extra vierge walnootolie van Amanprana

  • Extra virgin walnut oil

    • Suitable for cold preparations
    • Contains no gluten or other allergens on the EFSA list (2003/89 / EC).
    • Winner of the gold medal in 2005 at the “Salon des huiles du monde”


    250ml: € 24,95

  • TO ORDER Label

    This product is sold in nature food stores and health food stores
    (where to buy) or via our official Amanvida webshop.

Amanprana opts for glass packaging.

This is not only better for the environment, but also for taste and your health. Glass is a non-permeable material. The chance that something that you actually don’t want will end up in your diet from the outside is nil. In addition, glass does not contain any substances that may end up in your product. Glass is 100% natural and therefore contains no BPA (bisphenol-A). To protect this oil from light, we deliberately chose a dark glass bottle, wrapped in paper.
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De lat ligt hoog bij Amanprana wat hoge kwalitatieve ingrediënten betreft. Amanprana gaat voor kwaliteit!

Voor meer informatie over onze bio certificaten.
SGS Certificaat.

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