Our walnut oil comes from Périgord and is extra virgin and organic

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Walnut oil has a soft, distinctive nutty taste. Walnut oil is made by pressing dried walnuts. Périgord walnut oil from Amanprana is cold pressed. This way, the flavors and the nutritional values ​​are preserved. With cold pressing, the yield is lower, but to Amanprana, the quality and softness of the walnut oil is paramount.

Why choose Amanprana extra virgin walnut oil?

  • Origin: the grove of Franck Monsallier in Périgord (France)
  • The nuts are neither preheated nor roasted (this way the quality is preserved)
  • Mix of 4 varieties of walnuts for a delicate, pure Périgord taste
  • Nuts are crushed with an authentic granite mill, after which they are pressed in the press designed by Franck Monsallier (this press does not create heat)
  • This oil has a peroxidation of less than 2mg and an acidity of less than 0.5%, which is excellent
  • Source of coenzyme Q10, lecithin, vegetable sterols (B-sitosterol, delta-5 avenasterol, campesterol and others), polyphenols (290mg / 100g), vitamin E (23mg / 100g) and vitamin K (15mcg / 100g)

How does one use the extra virgin Amanprana walnut oil?

One uses walnut oil in cold dishes. Then its taste remains optimal.

Delicious on bread, with salads, pasta, vinaigrette and as a finishing touch to all your dishes. Store in a dark and cool place. Use within 6 months after opening. Tasty!

Walnut oil can also be used as a body care product. Rub your body with it, for example. This oil is quickly absorbed by your skin.

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Extra virgin walnut oil

  • Suitable for cold preparations
  • Contains no gluten or other allergens from the EFSA list (2003/89 / EC).
  • Winner of the gold medal in 2005 at the Salon des huiles du monde

100% Extra virgin walnut oil

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€ 24,95


This product can be purchased in health food stores (where to buy) or through our official Amanvida webshop.

Reviews on Amanprana walnut oil

Frank Monsallier

producer of extra virgin walnut oil, Bordas, Perigord, France

Walnut oil is a delicious and easy to use oil. I mix walnut oil with balsamic vinegar to make a tasty vinaigrette for salads. Also tastes culinary over pasta with Grana Padano. My favorite is a cheese platter with baguettes drizzled with walnut oil from Amanprana. A dash of walnut oil enhances the flavors and also aids digestion.

Inge Van Haselen

personal trainer, nutrition coach and sports fasting coach in Amsterdam

Healthy fats. Your body needs fats. For your skin and the functioning of your brain, among other things. Use coconut fat for frying, make your salads with olive oil, eat avocados, nuts, seeds and kernels.

Giulia Enders

Author of the German bestseller 'Darm mit Charme' (The beautiful food machine), p. 54

Good olive oil may cost a few dollars more, but it doesn’t taste greasy or rancid, but green and fruity. If you swallow it, you get a raw feeling in your throat because of the tannins it contains.

Just as bad fats can do bad things, good fats can actually be beneficial. if you spend a few euros more for real cold-pressed olive oil (extra virgin), you dip your baguette in a beneficial balm for the heart and blood vessels.

Amanprana recipes with walnut oil

Carpaccio of Portobello with lightly smoked cauliflower Cauliflower Velouté with Hazelnuts, Mushrooms and Black Garlic Pea soup gluten-free recipe with walnut oil and parsley

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Sustainable packaging from Amanprana

Amanprana kiest voor een glazen verpakking. Dat is niet alleen beter voor het milieu, ook voor de smaak en je gezondheid. Glas is een niet-doorlaatbare materie. De kans dat er dus van buitenaf iets in je voeding terecht komt is nihil. Daarnaast bevat glas ook geen stoffen die in je product terecht kunnen komen. Glas is 100% natuurlijk en bevat dan ook geen BPA (Bisfenol-A). Om de olie te beschermen tegen licht, kozen we bewust voor een donkere glazen fles. Je Amanprana olie blijft optimaal behouden. Het etiket is gemaakt van bioplastic (PLA). Bioplastic is biologisch afbreekbaar en wordt gemaakt door melkzuurbacteriГ«n. Daarnaast is de lijm ecologische en composteerbaar.

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